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  1. Umm it's called tough s***. Basically, "top spec" phones are getting away from physical buttons altogether. And how can you go from a samsung omnia to an x10 and be "not impressed"? I went from an i910 to the HTC eris and I'll NEVER go back to lame ass user-unfriendly winmo EVER again. as for windows phone 7 and Kin...NOT IMPRESSED.
  2. This guy is just pissed because he's stuck with his i900. Keep up the hard work all you guys working on the Andromnia project. I was a hardcore follower until I upgraded to the Eris.
  3. Yeah im an ass ... sorry just couldnt resist. (used to have an i910)
  4. How come there is not an HTC Eris forum section? Who else would like one?
  5. As far as your comment on Android "Even if it does look good, and does pretty things, it still has a way to go before it gets as user-friendly (read update-able, customizable) as WM." Umm... I think if you were to go to youtube and search "HTC Hero" and watch the first video that plays, you'll see that Android is well alot more user friendly AND customisable than winmo has ever been. I'm actually shocked to hear someone say that about Android. Customization and ease of use are pretty much the selling points of a phone with the Android Sense UI running on it. Have you ever actually see a demo of it in action or played with one?
  6. Just got my HTC droid Eris a few days ago and my opinions on it compared to the Omnia i910 are as follows: touchscreen: The Eris touchscreen is capacitive and the omnia's is resistive... need I say more? OS: Android is far easier to navigate than winmo. Everything takes way less time to get to, change, and modify. Interface: Sense UI pretty much murders all stock and or third party UI's on all fronts. Speed, fluidity and eye candy are all of course oustanding etc. processor: Better than the Omnia's memory: Better than the Omnia's. Battery life: Actually NOT better than the Omnia's. (Probably because there is so much going on with android). Camera: Color is better than the i910. Not as much tweakability to the type of shots you can take though. Viewing photos is alot smoother though on the Eris. Virtual Keyboard: Of course easier to use on the Eris due to the differences in screen type. Trackball: Well...it's a trackball... Messaging: Smoother and easier to use on Eris, also, all contacts are integrated alot better with apps. Applications: way more quality on android marketplace. way more free apps than winmo, and all the free apps i've tried so far are just as good quality as paid apps. I know that this is a pretty quick and not so professional run down on the Eris but I'd like to point out that between owning the omnia and the Eris, I switched to the BB Storm for about two months. That's another horror story in itself. My point here is not to slam winmo. I used winmo phones for about three years and the whole time was spent sort of liking it but never quite being satisfied and always having to do some kind of hacking just to make it bearable. The truth of the matter is that If you like winmo, stick with winmo. But, if you like any of the above comparisons that favor Android and more specifically the Eris, then you should definitely give one a whirl if you are up for an upgrade soon. I for one still don't understand some flamers that get on here and slam android, iphone and any other OS that isn't winmo. Winmo compared to some of the newer players lacks on alot of fronts and from what I have seen there is sort of an evolutionary refusal or roadblock if you will on microsoft's part. All I know is I have been right along side with alot of you guys flashing from rom to rom sometimes 4 to five times a week and for once I can finally say that I am actually happy not having to do that to try obtain some sort of satisfaction.
  7. Dude, you honestly think that an app like google maps works better on winmo than Android? Do you realize that google makes android as well? Winmo sucks, is outdated, is being horribly managed and honestly will be a mere afterthought in a few years. Find a new job.
  8. Haha mad respect Bgill! And don't worry I still frequent this forum to see whats new with all you guys! Oh and JayCarl, you ain't the only one on this forum, and there's nothing against having a simple conversation with developers.
  9. Haha I do still have the omnia so... you never know.
  10. I'd like to say thanks to all the guys like Wozzer, Lyorite, Necosino, BW, Bgill, and all others that have worked their asses off on roms and porting software etc. My younger brother gave me his used storm for my birthday. He only had it for about two months then got the moto droid. I'm going to use the storm until my upgrade (and will switch to either the droid or eris). Having used the storm for about 3 weeks, all I feel I have lost in switching from winmo to blackberry is just complaints and headaches. Anyway, I'm not here to tout blackberry, I just wanted to say thanks to all the dedication of the guys that helped make my omnia a little less of a headache in its final days! Thanks guys! some pics of the theme of my storm: BBScreenie2009_12_17_09_06_56.BMP BBScreenie2009_12_17_09_11_36.BMP
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