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  1. when use cab2pkg where to place the folder (named with various numbers and letters) when copy into the rom apps folder i get error can not find the folder when use makeROM.cmd
  2. i want make WM6.5 rom and it wont work on vista get permission denied errors
  3. i get in my c: the same error maybe someone can do the download and zip and post a clean ready to go kitchen. and where to find the builds to make WM6.5 roms????
  4. can you post a link for lates clean rom that i can use to cook and what is the best cooker for use on vista
  5. when keep them landscape they look bad for example the car you just see the top of it
  6. Well finally it's official on their website and the best it's it choose automatic the language of your phone.
  7. Hi I noticed today that i have on my omnia 6 contacts on my sim like <naamloos> wich is somethine like how i wrote in the title. The point is i cant remove them as the icon is a simcard with a lock just like the tel numbers like for voicemail from my provoder. Anyone had this and knows how to remove them. The weird thing is, my old nokia n95 doesnt see it so that phone dont display it. please someone help me
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