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  1. I'm happy to admit that I successfully managed to run Kalyway OSX on my Advent 4211 without any major issues since before 10.5.6 was released update, and managing to upgrade through to 10.5.7 successfully in the meantime. I managed to keep it synced with my Macbook Pro and iPhone with absolutely no issue to speak of, I never needed to reinstall any kexts and the battery life was impressive. If anybody thinks they can get a netbook running as well using Linux, they've been smoking too much gas! I recently thought I'd give Windows 7 a try (Which is a leap for me considering I've not used Windows in 6 years after being completely put off by XP) and after a month I think I might just leave it the main operating system since it highlighted a few niggles with OSX's inoperabilities with what I assume is the 4211's hardware. Maybe it was a glitch with my particular install, but did anybody notice that the battery manager doesn't seem to work particularly well when running out of battery power? I found that the netbook didn't go into any sort of hibernation mode, and I was left to reboot the OS upon reconnection of a power source. It would also revert my desktop wallpaper to one I used briefly a while ago, and only that one oddly. The battery's life when sleeping seemed to be little more than when using it in light/normal conditions. Another issue was simply because of my lack of inclination to getting a different wireless card. The drivers for the default card are great for getting the card to work, but the interface isn't designed as nicely as you would like it to be and it can also be fairly glitchy, sometimes leaving me connectionless and with no obvious resolution without rebooting the OS. Neither turning the card off and on using the Fn keys or restarting the driver software seemed to do the trick. Plus, I'm a bit of a tidy freak, so the lack of airport-style menu bar icon and the added fact that you need to keep a very nasty-looking icon in your dock put me off a bit. Has anybody else experienced either of these problems? I love my Mac and use it as my main computer, and I don't intend on changing that any time soon, but I guess for using a netbook as it was intended, Windows 7 seems to do the most seamless job. I'd recommend anybody giving it a try on a separate HDD, it's already got me considering buying it when it's released in October. Installation took a reasonable amount of time, it instantly detected my wireless card (An invaluable feature considering XP couldn't), and the OS has a lot more consistend and stable feel to it. Not to mention I'm running it using all the fancy Aero features! I've not managed to crash it yet (System uptime of 22 hours since last reboot), when the battery runs out it goes into hibernation and wakes up again in relatively decent time. I suppose in the end of the day I just use my netbook like a play-thing, but unless those 2 OSX issues are fixed (Or if they don't bother you), I wouldn't recommend using it if you want to take your netbook out and around with you. Which is to be expected considering it's not even native hardware! I'd like to hear other people's experiences, and whether they're still using OSX? It's gone a bit quiet on this board lately! Has anybody tried Snow Leopard yet?
  2. E=mc²

    10.5.7 update

    Google dumped the links, it seems. But worry not, here y'go. http://forums.msiwind.net/viewtopic.php?f=52&t=13021
  3. Hi, If you get hold of the Kalyway installs and follow the instructions on the various messages on this board, I'll gladly help you out, but unfortunately I've no experience with the MSIOSX86 installs. As for the Mic and internal Mic, I don't believe there has been a fix for these as yet. I posted a fix for the headphones on this message board which I think should also fix the Mic, but I've had no luck with that (Though I haven't tested with an external microphone yet). Sorry I couldn't help any more!
  4. Seems there's been plenty of views to this thread, yet not so many replies, what gives?? On 10.5.7 now, with a nifty automatic headphone fix that you can also find on this message board. I have never needed to reboot the machine unless for an update or installer that requires me to do so, though I guess if you're used to Macs at all, you'll find that's quite common!
  5. I know of the switch.sh method which works perfectly fine, but I've just bumped into another method which switches from speakers to headphones when you simply plug them in! Only just installed the fix myself, but everything is working perfectly fine after a reboot. During the procedure I had actually deleted the files and folders I mention you need to remove, which upon reflection is very optimistic considering the troubles I've had with this Hackintosh in the past. Although I've not encountered any problems (And don't particularly expect to at this rate), I would recommend backing up the files first. I'm sure you all will do this anyway <_< Prerequisites VooDooHDA.kext: http://code.google.com/p/voodoohda/ Procedure 1) Head down to /System/Library/ and remove the Caches folder and Extensions.mkext. As you're in the System folder, you may be prompted with a password dialogue when you try to delete anything. 2) Next, go into the Extensions folder and remove all kexts with "AppleHDA" in their filenames. 3) Launch Kext Helper and install the kexts you downloaded. Reboot when prompted. 4) Repeatedly plug and unplug your headphones in joy whilst making some system noises as I have done. I've also spotted an installer that might actually do all this automatically called WindVooDooAudio_v1.0 (found in this page), but since I've nothing to test it on I can't confirm whether it works or not. If you're brave and fancy giving it a go, please let me know how it goes!
  6. E=mc²

    10.5.7 update

    I went straight from 10.5.6 using the Paul/Kalyway methods to get that far. I've actually got used to installing from 10.5.2 through 10.5.6 simply because I'm constantly tinkering with things!! If you've followed the instructions to get to 10.5.6 on this message board, then you should have your netbook set up the exact same way mine was before 10.5.7. I posted exactly what I did in the above message.
  7. E=mc²

    10.5.7 update

    Got it up and running on my 4211, didn't follow any instructions as I couldn't find any relating to Kalyway installs. But nerds like to tinker, eh? I have read a few forum posts here and there for Wind users, and apparently this latest update improves battery life, and fixes the random mouse mayhem when the netbook wakes from sleep. I've spotted a new preference pane for the trackpad which seems to give you a little more control and a new icon for the energy saver preference. So all in all, a pretty good update! Prerequisites Combo Update: http://support.apple.com/downloads/Mac_OS_..._7_Combo_Update CyberGreg's driver pack: http://forums.msiwind.net/viewtopic.php?f=53&t=11311 (Supposedly for retail installs only, but seems to work fine on my Kalyway install. MSIOSX86 users will need to look elsewhere) Paul's Wind utility pack: http://content.modaco.net/paulswinddriverutilitypack.zip (Mainly for the AboutThisMac.pkg, but you never know when you might need it next) Procedure 1) Go to System/Library/Extensions and remove RealtekR1000.kext. This is reported to cause a kernel panic on boot after update - Apparently the latest update doesn't need it anyway. 2) Install Combo Update. DO NOT RESTART 3) Install CyberGreg's driver pack. Restart once prompted 4) Reinstall AboutThisMac.pkg from Paul's utility pack (If you care about whether or not the proper information is displayed in the About This Mac dialogue??). 5) Install Safari 4... or whatever else you can do with 10.5.7!
  8. LOL. I've always said that if Vista was a good OS, I'd happily convert from a Mac... I've not been swayed just yet! Let's see if Windows 7 lives up to it's hype.
  9. OK, after procrastinating and finally getting up to 10.5.6 (Which required a full reinstall of everything!) I can confirm my netbook runs like a dream. I've tried XP and Linux on the 4211, which have to be honest been a bit uninspiring. It's a fairly quirky process, but once you get the hang of it, it's also very satisfying! Verdict: Do it!
  10. I should also add that I installed 10.5.5 after a period of time using 10.5.4 and it refused to boot, so the only way I've managed to get it to work is a full clean install from 10.5.2 through 10.5.6. As a prerequisite I backed up a few applications and the Library and Home folders onto an external HDD, which contained everything I could possibly need. Good luck!
  11. Woop. Gave it another try after sitting comfortably with 10.5.4 all this time, and it works. Keyboard and mouse died like last time, however a handy zip file containing the following 2 files installed using Kext Helper did the trick just fine: ApplePS2Controller.kext AppleACPIPlatform.kext Courtesy of this place. All I need to do now is install Paul's kexts, and get my life back on track!
  12. I'd give iTerm a try. Hopefully that should work. http://iterm.sourceforge.net/ I rarely use the default Terminal, so I couldn't begin to wonder what your issue might be.
  13. Thanks. I'm going to order a spare HDD and clone this setup before I give it another go. I think I've installed OSX on this thing 5 times since buying it! Though I must admit each of those times I was probably being a little cocky. I'll let you know how I get on.
  14. OK, 2 nights later and I'm still running 10.5.4, and it's as stable as a rock. I shall not be upgrading the OS until I get myself another HDD and clone this setup as I don't want to go through all the grief of setting up and installing all my apps again! Thought I'd reply to give all those potential Wind/4211 buyers a bit of confidence!
  15. I just wondered, how many people have been successful in creating their very own netbook hackintosh? How long has it been since it completely bombed and you had to reinstall everything? If at all? Presently I'm running XPSP3 again after it failed to reboot around 7 hours after I had installed 10.5.5 and running Software Update (Ignoring the official 10.5.6 update of course). I've decided to give OSX another try later tonight, and just stick with 10.5.4 to see how that goes. I really should clone the HDD once I've got that far! XP is OK, but it just doesn't have the feel of OSX that I've got myself used to over the past 4 years (Bloody hell that's a long time away from Windows!). Anyway, verdict?
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