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  1. I recently had an instance where I was out of signal on my Orange network C550. Someone on a 3 network mobile sent me two text messages during this time and I did not receive them. Not then. And not subsequently. When this was discussed we then experimented by turning off each phone and sending a text to the other phone. The Orange network recovered successfully from the "outage" and delivered the text when the 3 phone was then once again turned on. However, the text sent from the 3 network phone to the Orange phone when it was off did not arrive. Has anybody else had this experience?
  2. Hi - yes. My Power On button stuck down when I turned it on and off recently. It got stuck down and never came back up. I tried the penknife trick but it never worked despite getting pretty drastic and gouging the surround up. It was dead and never came back. I called Orange and they replaced it 24 hours later by courier and took the old one back. Pretty good service. They said that was because it was within six months of purchase. (I got a silver one for the od black one by the way). PeterD
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