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  1. Hi, I've rooted my Desire which is locked on Orange UK. I purchased an unlock code from HTCCode.com.. had problems, emailed their support.. had a nice email back saying.. It's either wait 1-2 weeks or purchase an immediate unlock for an additional $20.. I've had to pay my road tax, moved house and spent money on other crap so I'm pretty tight already and pay day is still 3 weeks away! So can't really afford that extra $20. In the meantime, (or until I sell my HTC Hero) I'm looking to flash, I've read quite a bit into different ROMs. I keep reading that the phone has to be unlocked before you can flash. I was wondering, could anyone point me in the direction of a WWE ROM for the Desire which is compatible with Orange UK? Any help would really be appreciated!
  2. Just read this in someones signature... Thats how i want to be! ...would rooting it allow me access to uninstall built in applications? Silly question i know!
  3. After reading that, im nervous already! I took out orange care for £5, i know it doesn't cover bricking a phone, but i well... youknow. I'll definitely have to read into flashing, i havent a clue what you said! Im not really into majorly changing it, i love the usual HTC/Android apps, its just all the bloatware. I'll do what you suggest though, sounds good to me!
  4. Hi, thanks for the replies! It's all just bloatware, all the stuff i will NEVER use. Its soo annoying. I think i will root it. I know its cheeky, but if you rooted, what rom did you use? I remeber flashing my touch hd, nerve racking times. It is safer now? I havent looked at any of the forums, i think its time too! Im in love with the desire. Really glad i chose it over the iPhone.!
  5. Hi, I've just bought a Desire to replace my Hero on Orange. Got it this morning, been charging it for about an hour and a half now. I'm loving the phone, but it's FILLED with all the orange branded crap, all the trial programs like TrafficTV and Tetris and even monopoly :/ I've downloaded Uninstaller off the market, hoping I would be able to remove it all.. but I can't :) I'm looking into rooting it, I used to flash my HTC Touch but I didn't touch my Hero because I thought it was perfect. Any help or suggestions would be amazing cheers
  6. I did it, got it earlier. Wow. It's completely different. One thing I'm already missing is the 4way directional pad, and the "Ok" when you press it in. It's so big. Came pre-flashed with Dutty's WM6.5 Leo R2 rom, absolutely lovely! It's a real hard choice now. Sell one, keep the other... or keep both? :)
  7. Hi! Sorry to add salt to your wounds, but I'm pretty sure some people will get jealous with what I'm about to say. Got the Touch HD for £150 :'D get it tomorrow. Now, I'm seriously I'm trying to pick faults with my Omnia so that I have a reason to sell it! It's simple the best phone I've EVER had. Man, if I have to sell it, I'll have tears in my eyes. :) BUT, maybe I'll just fall in love with the Touch HD :'D Already missinin' the 16GB storage on the omnia :P Do any of you know what the prices used Omnia/Touch HD are, OR what you're will to pay? Cheers! :D
  8. To be quite frank, they both look stunning, I didn't know mobile phones could possibly look that nice. Makes my Omnia look hideous. Well, I'm on contract, it's up in June or July I think so I'll consider "upgrading" when the time comes. The Leo looks lovely. Well, I haven't really used it much so next time I'll see him I'll have a play (with the phone).. and see what I think. But it doesn't look TOO big, just right. He just phoned me, my brothers boss wants £150 for the Iphone 3G So I have two choices (well 3) 1)Keep Omnia, buy 3G for brother and in return get the Touch HD -------- This way I can use both the Omnia and Touch HD and decide which I like most (then sell) 2)Sell Omnia, buy 3G with money from Omnia and then get the Touch HD ------Not too keen on this way because what if I prefer the Omnia? 3)Don't do a thing; keep the Omnia I'm interested in #1 because £150 isn't that bad really. AND I can try the HD for aslong as I want and if I don't like it I can always sell it. What are the going prices for Omnia / Touch HD nowadays anyway? Thanks :)
  9. Likewise, I use the HTC Keyboard too. It's nice, just I like the SPB one, but the keyboard theme I liked didn't have the characters I use on there, and I had to change back every time I'd use it just to get 1/2 characters :/ Well, i know the HTC Is newer, I'd love to get in to it. It's a real hard choice. What phone are you going to upgrade to? the HD? One of the things I love about the HTC is the audio jack on the top :)
  10. Well, cut a long story short. My brother has the HTC Touch HD, and I have the 16GB Omnia. His boss has offered him an Iphone 3G, not sure for how much though. My brother asked if I wanted his HTC Touch HD, so I'd have to sell my Omnia, to give to my brother so he can give to his boss to pay for the Iphone. Now my question is, shall I do it? Since flashing my rom to WM6.5, I freaking love my omnia, Only thing that's annoying is the keyboard, can't seem to get a decent one! I know the Touch is a better phone, (OR so I read) but doesn't have the storage space the Omnia has. At the moment I'm using 14.4GB of music/film on my phone and I know I'll have to fork out a 16GB MicroSD for the HD Touch. I use my Omnia as my music player, Windows Media + Last.fm Scrooblerrrrrrrr is amazing. Is the HTC Touch a good choice for a music player? I'm just having a hard time, I'm considering it but I love my omnia. What do you guys think? Cheers :)
  11. We all know you can test your broadband speed online, well now you can test your mobile speed too! Headover to m.google.co.uk, search for "mobile speed test" or go directly to: http://www.dslreports.com/mspeed A page like this will load (well it did with me using Internet Explorer). See on the bottom right, that little box telling you were you on relation to the page? Using your thumb scroll into the middle You should start to see text, click on the "5k" speed test (doing this small test will redirected you too bigger files thus getting more fair results) Using the 5k test you should get his message Click on "choose a larger file", this page should then load Click the "1m" test, the site will they start to download a 1MB file and you will automatically be directed to the results page As you can see I can download from my room, using "G" at about 358Kb/s I got this using HSDPA the other day I'm using Orange UK Post your results :)
  12. http://translate.google.co.uk/translate?u=...en&ie=UTF-8 Pretty detailed review in russian however translated into english and it's not that bad
  13. So I'm on the bus home, decided to browse YouTube for a while (may aswell put data plan to good use, aye?) When I noticed a link on the top of the screen: "Download the YouTube Application". I clicked it, redirected to m.google.co.uk/ and behold, there was the link to the YouTube Applcation. I've been using the YouTube.cab which has been floating around, you know, the REALLY buggy one? It wasn't that bad at times but other times it was annoying as hell :) When I installed this, I wasn't expecting anything good. But daammmmmmmn, it's lovely! To Download: Go to htttp://m.youtube.com Click the link, either at the top or bottom of the page, you'll be redirected Download the .cab Install it to either Internal or external storage, it'll show up in your program files This is what the "Home" looks like, you can search or view Highlighted videos. It also saves what you search for in the text box in a drop down menu for easy use This is the results page for whatever you searched for You can either use the screen to navigate through the different videos or use the d-pad (well, on my Omnia you could) Find the video you want to play When you click the video, it automatically rotates to landscape mode (really nice and smooth too) You can use the play bar at the bottom to skip or go back to certain points of the video (really useful, smooth aswell) Also you can view "Related videos" of the video you searched for by clicking the "Menu" on the bottom right, on the menu you can also "Flag" videos and get help or just exit It's really quick, even on "G" the speed was relatively quick and only buffered for a second or two. Personally I think Google/YouTube have done a really good job. Sorry if this is a repost, but thought I'd share. -Kinglsey
  14. i would definitely like to have something like this, would be useful as hell. willing to buy beers for anyone who makes such an application!
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