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  1. cOnTaGoUs

    It's Incredible

    I myself was a Omnia i910 user, I'm loving my Incredible... Yes you can tether, using something like PDAnet or Easy tether available from the android market for free, and can use USB or Bluetooth tethering with them. When the phone is rooted, we will be able to use wifi tether, but until then USB and Bluetooth only options.
  2. cOnTaGoUs

    My Incredible is on its way o.O

    Looks like its going to take some time to get here due to the backup in orders... Is it me or does this part of the forums seems dead :S...
  3. cOnTaGoUs

    Incredible Root?

    Sounds like good news, thanks for the update :)
  4. cOnTaGoUs

    Incredible Root?

    Is anyone else attempting this? Wish i knew how to do it >.<, good luck guys
  5. Hey guys My HTC Incredible is on its way, Im upgrading from my Samsung i910... WinMo has always been my thing, but Android seems so much nicer, going to be a learning curve, but any advice or ideas will be welcomed Thanks and hey everyone btw... Conty
  6. cOnTaGoUs

    Smart Reader not working

    I dont have SU2U installed and im getting the exact same problem with my smart reader, im running CC20 ROM to, nothing custom installed just a couple of programs listed below: google maps, garmin gps, resco explorer, resco cm, skype, memmaid, GCz, Net 3.5, Avanced Cfg, windows live, MS tag reader, MS INT sharing, Any ideas which could be messing with smart reader...
  7. cOnTaGoUs

    ROM Testing Emulator

    would love this too, but dont think its possible :D
  8. cOnTaGoUs

    Default Compact Outlook Email

    does no one know how to fix this?
  9. I really need this fixed any ideas?
  10. any one got any ideas how i can fix this?
  11. when i installed the ICS.cab and reset phone, then i navigated to /windows and found the exe ran it, connected it told me i had new connection on my vista pc, but when i tested internet it didnt work, i ran ipconfig and release and kept getting 169 ip any ideas how to get this working on my i910? thanks
  12. Phone genuis looks quite nice is it?
  13. I was wondering if there is a way of setting my gmail acount up as the defualt Outlook email on my omnia, so i can send files via the send via email option. At the moment i had to set up the email as a new email account, and it shows up on its on page, and if i want to send something via it, i haveto send via MMS and then click gmail account. When i tried to set up the outlook email account it asked for things like Domain address and stuff, so i guess its for business use, but i was wondering if there is anyway of changing this to my gmail account. Thanks for any help :D Dave
  14. cOnTaGoUs

    Geocaching on the i910

    Why cant we get something like this :D http://www.geocaching.com/iphone/default.aspx
  15. cOnTaGoUs

    Geocaching on the i910

    yeah still dont work, nether mind tho :D

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