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  1. i'd be happy to find bugs for you. sent you an e-mail. ;)
  2. this is one of the best homescreens i've seen so far.
  3. hhmm.. are u using the 1.30 version? check out my screenshot.
  4. Lyle

    getting a SAP2?

    i have a voyager and nope.. di sya madaling masira.
  5. tested on HTC Voyager aka SMART AMAZING PHONE 2. works fine.
  6. nice game! 8) no problem on my HTC Voyager aka SMART AMAZING PHONE 2.
  7. same here.. got it running on the voyager aka xphone/e200. sent my self an sms with the word (f*ck) that was blocked by default on the sms filter program and i still got the sms on my inbox. tried to block by number and i still received the sms sent from a blocked number. went to londondev.com to look for any instruction/faq on the app, nothing.. it just says "coming soon"
  8. feedback: tested it on my voyager.. works fine. suggestion: make the installer place the game shortcut to GAMES folder instead of the start menu folder.
  9. how about a plugin or shortcut to WRITE SMS MESSAGE?
  10. yup, it works fine on my voyager. i was able to bluejack a nokia 6600 and a nokia 6820. maybe the device that you tried to send a message to was a "manually-accepting-device" which means that the victim must accept your message. if he/she rejects it.. you get a failed message. sony-ericsson phones and a couple of nokia phones (6310i, etc.) accepts BT beams automatically. these are easy bluejack targets. read more at www.bluejackq.com and www.blujackaddict.co.uk for more info.
  11. crispiebone, i have an idea for that annecurtis homescreen ur making.. diba multipage homescreen yan? is it possible na pag scrolldown, grid menu and lalabas? ganda kasi ng pagkakalay-out mo sa annecurtis homescreen pero i want my grid menu.. pwede kaya i-combine ang dalawa?
  12. here's my homescreen.. it's a modified version of mayhem's grid homescreen. screenshot.gif
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