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  1. As the title states, What type of touch tech in in the HTC Imagio (verizon)? It it lame presure or is it like iPhone? (I dont know what that is called) Also will it support multi touch? I think that may be a Winmo setback...
  2. Hartv427, Can you tell me the detail of your v4 and v6 rom? Like whats removed and added. And builds? If you still have that info saved. Thanks!
  3. What donot xip bin can I used to build a 21857 rom? I am following Adry's guied but Im stuck where its telling me to get a donor XIP bin. I have the XIP.bin from the CF03 update allready.
  4. If I made one my self, it woudl be build 21xxx (before all the funny icons stuff at the bottom) All the samsung apps, includeing ringtones, themes.. yada yada Removed lame verizon stuff like app store and shozu Internet shareing... I think that is. I dont even need Titainium, I have been useing WAD or Samsung today 2. :( What is in the rom you just linked?
  5. ok I have the CF03 6.1 Kitchen (I think!) How do I go about upgradeing it to 6.5? The guides have it starting with a 6.5 kitchen?
  6. Hello, I would like a WM6.5 rom that is pretty much stock as if form CF03. I wouldnt mind it missing some of the verizon stuff like the vz nav, shozu, or app store. But I want to have all the base samsung stuff. I also would like to be be a build like 21857. I dont like the newest builds with the crazy buttons on the bottom. If you know one out there can you give me a link.. im tired of searching. or if you want to build me one real quick great!
  7. I have Phon EX 1.4.5 on my i910 Omnia. When I make calls the LCD turns off as it should, but after 10 second it just comes back on. I allways finish my call to find random stuff open because the start menu still works when the Phon EX 1.4.5 in call tools are locked... Any ideas why its doing this?
  8. Wow, I don't like this WM build at all. Its nothing personal about the rom itself. Its just were MS is going with 6.5.1. I tried this v2.0 rom, and Adryn's 4.0 vanilla. The big buttons look so off! like they don't belong there. I hear your 1.7 is a nice rom, im going to try that one out... Allthought, your 2.0 has a nice feature set, and its nice and fast.
  9. im a little confused. Is the rom with pictures and details currently listed v1.7 or 2.0? I like what Is listed, but im not sure if it what I can download now...
  10. So why did you removed the theme maker? Do you have a cab to reinstall it? I need to be able to change my bar colors to match all my m2d themes..
  11. Bgill55, your 1.4 M2D is a very nice rom! once I removed icontacts and loaded up Phone X it was perfect :) Its really fast! I found you dont have to use the TFDetacher. I just enabled TF the old way... now I have 3 options for UI. m2D, Titainum, and basic home with Phone X bar Thanks for all you hard work! I think im going to keep this rom for a while!
  12. IS there something simple that will let me put a few program icons on the basic today screen of WM6.5? im takeing a break from touchflow... just useing the stock today screen with the Phone EX bar, Galarm, calander, and a app bar would be nice.
  13. I really like some of the stuff in 1.4, but I only use touchflo, I woudl not use the detacher and titanium. Does it slow down the phone to have both on? I would just remap the left soft key to be lock...
  14. I found a file called Manila2D_19b_all-in-one_by_SztupY.cab is that what I need? Does anyoen know the version I need?
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