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  1. I have recently purchased the Samsung Droid Charge and with doing so I will no longer be participating in this Omnia 2 forum. I would like to thank all the chefs that made the Omnia 2 a great phone. I appreciate all the hard work that they did. And I would also like to thank all other members in this forum for helping me out when I had problems. P.S. For those of you who are thinking about switching to Android I would highly recommend it. I had the Droid Charge for only 2 days now and I find it WAY better than Windows Mobile in every aspect Peace out!
  2. the sandman

    Help!!! [FIXED]

    All I did was try to reflash my phone over and over again until it finally worked; because when I tried it from before, Octans would just get stuck and not download the rom. So I restarted my computer and tried flashing my phone several more times until it finally worked.
  3. the sandman

    Help!!! [FIXED]

    After many attempts at trying to flash my phone again it now finally worked! My phone is fully restored to its usable state. Thank you all for your help!!
  4. the sandman

    Help!!! [FIXED]

    Yea those button combinations didnt work as i suspected.. I tried flashing my phone again, but like i said earlier when i try it, i load the rom and hit detect and plug the phone in, Octans just says "Ready for download..." and nothing else happens. And when i do this, my phone has the screen that says "Download mode" but it doesnt download. I even tried loading your test 4 rom (the one i have been using from before) and still does the same thing. A couple times when trying to flash it again, the download process does start, but when it gets to about 3% it just stops and doesnt download anymore. When I get home today I am going to try resetting my comp and using a different usb port, as well as different roms Thank you all for your help. I really appreciate it
  5. the sandman

    Help!!! [FIXED]

    This doesnt seem to work either. I cant get passed the screen with the triangle and exclamation mark
  6. the sandman

    Help!!! [FIXED]

    Thanks, but thats the 1st thing that I tried and it didn't work
  7. the sandman

    Help!!! [FIXED]

    It's not working :unsure: maybe my phone is totally done for
  8. the sandman

    Help!!! [FIXED]

    I appreciate all the help.. Which button is exactly the HOME buttone? And do I do this while the phone is off or while the screen show the exclamation mark?
  9. the sandman

    Help!!! [FIXED]

    During the steps for using the upgrade tool it wants me to connect my phone to Windows Mobile Device Center. How will I do this if my phone won't even boot?
  10. the sandman

    Help!!! [FIXED]

    Thanks for the reply! I have tried option #2, it's Lock, volume down, send, and end key. But that didn't work. Going to try option #1 now!
  11. Hi all, I may have a problem.. Earlier this morning I was flashing my phone to a new rom, Bryans new 6.5.5 rom to be exact. And it was almost done flashing until I accidentally hit the cord and unplugged my phone. And now when I try to turn my phone on I get this screen (image posted below). And the phone won't turn on I tried flashing it again but when I try Octans just gets stuck on "Ready to download.." when I hit "Detect" and plug the phone in. Is my phone bricked? Is there any way to bring my phone back to life? Any help would be greatly appreciated! Thanks in advanced!! -the sandman
  12. Hey X, I've been using this rom all day so far and I love it, its fast and has lots of space and ram I do have a problem though. After using it for a little bit my notification sounds and vibrations stop working. I have to soft reset my phone to get the sound and vibration back. But then it happens again. Any ideas?
  13. My brother has the Thunderbolt and he says the battery life on it is terrible. He even bought the extended battery and it still doesn't last him a whole day. Other than that he says the phone is great. I'm waiting for the Droid Bionic to come out, whenever that will be. I heard it has battery issues too
  14. the sandman

    HTC Messaging app

    I see. Probably not worth all the trouble
  15. Hi, I was wondering if it is possible for the HTC Messenger app that's inside the Sense roms to work on a rom that doesn't have Sense installed in it? If so, does anyone know where I can find a cab for it? Thanks in advance

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