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  1. Ok, aGPS will get you that 2400 meters... but you will STILL get that 50 meters from regular GPS in the official. Just set it up like you had it in cc20 and you're set... only difference is that you have aGPS to get you a general idea until full gps locks.
  2. 4300 meters is from aGPS... you can get closer, but not *too* much closer, that's the nature of aGPS. You'll get that aGPS lock almost instantly, just turn on GPS and let it find sats and you'll have a much closer lock ;)
  3. Actually, I'm 99% sure our camera can do this.... The problem is lack of compatible software.
  4. Don't even bother touching the gps options on google maps... leave at intermediate driver...
  5. hahaha, my VZW rep told me (a really long time ago) that the port under the tape wouldn't work... it is "used for testing the phones and then disabled". I don't believe him, I just haven't tried an external antenna yet. I miss my 3 inch tall magnetic external antenna, that thing was a beast!
  6. Hey, does anyone know of anyway to be able to use facebook applications like games on the Omnia besides using Skyfire? Any help would be greatly appreciated ;)
  7. Load the keyboard and then load pandora or set your keyboard to a hard key, even if just temporarily.
  8. Not everyone has a stylus or small object handy all the time thus making removing the battery the only choice. I hope that an actual Omnia SRS driver is found... I guess here's to hoping that one of the new Omnias that is coming out will have the answer
  9. Sweet dude, you'll have to keep us updated! This would be a pretty fun app to have if it works out
  10. I wonder if there is a weird charging difference between the i900 and the i910.... And why the hell do idiots buy smart phones... Especially when they ONLY want (or can only handle...) just the features on the standard crap phone
  11. You can just call it the i910, much easier and we'll know what you're talking about :D And I highly recommend flashing to a custom rom... just remember to flash to the leaked one first.
  12. Loving this? Nope. And not because I have an i910, either. Maybe a more descriptive title?
  13. Did you even look at that link? That's for using ringtones that teachers can't hear, not for repelling.
  14. Hey, you aren't the only one who has that feature :D Although, I def need to give your ROMs a go sometime.
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