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  1. theres a widget for email, but it appears to only work with hotmail =/
  2. no droid x gsm has been announced yet =( , definitely it will have a different name, since droid is verizon's property
  3. But that email widget is just for hotmail, theres no widget for gmail =/ I dont want to turn my data off , what i was trying to say was that the widget doesnt light up so i asume i doesnt work, i never when the sync is off or on !
  4. i wish i could replace the app menu icons with these =/
  5. i replaced all my music with new files and now they magically work, weird, i was using an sd that i used in my milestone could be that . But what about the other problems ?=/
  6. hahahaha are u sure thats where the similarities end? touchwiz 3.0 is an iphone os ripoff xD , i dont get how apple didnt sue samsung's ass and they sued htc =/
  7. actually it would make the phone taller not wider, see the droid x vs the evo 4g :lol: , for videos its better , noblack bars in 16:9 videos
  8. I really hope samsung trying to emulate the iphone was not the reason for the unnecesary long screen borders , i kinda see why they would want long borders on the lower part, two decrease the accidental presses on the touch buttons , but why on the upper part? oh samsung ! guess we can never be 100 % happy with a phone =/
  9. i figured out it was because of that , but its just lame , with strategies like this no wonder why the iphone is always # 1 =(
  10. thank you ! they look great,makes think android needs new icons/ui ASAP im gonna give them a try after i switch to stock android in my milestone =) been using the sense "rom"
  11. Where is the the widget to adjust the brightness? all i can find is the "adjust brightness automatically" in settings , i know i could use the stock android energy control widget, but i like the htc ones =/ Is there no widget for gmail? can i combine both hotmail and gmail in one inbox widget? Does the background sync data widget actually work? it doesnt turn itself off/on when i tap on it, what it does its sync again ( in the moment) but i doesnt turn itself "off or on" like the wifi widget for example . Another thing that bugs me is there no "autocomplete" in peep/friendstream so i cannot tag my friends in facebook and i have to remember all the nicknames on twitter, this is really annoying i love the friendstream widget and i dont wanna have to switch back again to twicca ( the widget SUCKSSSS) This isnt really related but i thought i should ask anyway , the music player doesnt recognize not EVEN ONE of my album covers, is this a bug? anyone else with this problem?
  12. What's samsung thinking? come on! , 4 different models of the same phone? we have galaxy s, captivate, fascinate,vibrant? i mean whats it really necessary? are all identical specwise? i get the epic 4g name, because it has a keyboard but what about the others? =/ this will only make the updates take more time :lol:
  13. wtf is samsung crazy ? just 7 wallpapers? :lol:
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