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  1. Sir good day, im a newbie here and like to have ur 6.5.3 rom for b7610 but unfortunately, megaupload is busted..where can i download ur ROM 21679? thanks in advance
  2. spy_kobz


    guys good day. I'm not so familiar with programs..i just wanna ask if you have an idea why does the WM5torage 1.75 and 1.8 version by Igor V. Bohzko doesn't work on my O2 Graphite running on WM6 standard OS or do you have an email address of Igor so |I could ask him personally. need your help, thanks alot
  3. spy_kobz

    asus jupiter wm 6.1 version released

    any solutions or language packs to make this rom english? or can I downgrade back to WM6? can't read chinese Dx

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