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  1. Borderland

    Could and should Garmin enter the Smartwatch market?

    Let's hope not. My experience of Garmin over the last 10+ years has not been that good. Customer Service was pretty poor too.
  2. Borderland

    HotUKDeals launches official Android App

    I've bought 5 great Android phones at amazing prices because of HotUKDeals. The app seems pretty good too. Their configurable RSS feed is also excellent.
  3. Borderland

    O2 UK offering free wi-fi, even for non-O2 customers

    None within 15 miles of here.
  4. Borderland

    HTC One X Review

    Like many HTCs the sky seems too blue/purple in the photos. Nice review BTW.
  5. Borderland

    Where to go after Blade I

    Sense itself isn't 3D, but the 3D photos, 3D games and 3D movies are amazing. Haven't tried taking my own 3D video yet.
  6. Borderland

    Where to go after Blade I

    I got one for my son the other day. I was so impressed I ordered one for myself. We loved our OSFs, but this makes them look very old and tired. The best bargain since the OSF IMHO.
  7. Borderland

    HTC EVO 3D Owners

    £207 at Asda now. Mine's arriving tomorrow. Also replacing the awesome ZTE Blade.
  8. If you trust Orange's blurb (who does?) then it can't be ARMv6. "Access thousands of fun and interactive apps like BBC iPlayer..."
  9. After a month of dealing with the most incompetent company on Earth I finally received a replacement today. The story is far too long and full of unbelievably stupid people who have about as much knowledge of what customer service is as Mr. Bean has of comedy to bore you with. My store manager was very helpful, it's just a shame about all the other idiots. Once I've got over the hassle I will formulate how to go about making a complaint to the ombudsman. Orange took 3 weeks to reply to my complaint and then just fobbed it off to the branch. Did I mention that they are all incompetents?!!!
  10. A SF I bought last October has been replaced twice. The last time was in mid Jan. Another fault appeared (screen is blank), so I took it back on Monday having checked that last time it was replaced I had a full 6 months replacement warranty. I got the store to check this again and they confirmed with their support desk this was the case. A replacement was scheduled for delivery today, but never arrived. I contacted the store, who chased it up to be told that I bought the phone over 6 months ago and the last replacement was more than 3 months ago, so they won't replace it! No phone call to tell me, just left me waiting in all day. :) Has anyone else had a replacement in similar circumstances? I've written a complaint, but they seem such an incompetent company I doubt I'll get much joy unless I take further action. The store gave me a URL (http://repairmob.com/) and washed their hands of it. I see there is a £17 handling charge + postage + insurance and you end up with a repaired phone with 30 days warranty. Now that's certainly not what I was told on purchase. :rolleyes:
  11. I had this problem from new with my son's Blade, except his was intermittent. I got it replaced (Orange shop) without any quibble.
  12. Three PAYG is great for low usage people like me. The free 150MB data with a £5 top-up gets my email and other low bandwidth stuff for 3 months. If I need to make heavy calls, then that's what the work mobile is for. :D It does annoy me that I now have to pay to pick up voicemail though. My Orange SIM is in the bin. It took £2 credit just checking my email!!!
  13. The standard supplied cable is fine, my Veho Pebble charger fits fine, but the mini to micro converters I have just fall out with the case on.
  14. Borderland


    Sounds like an eBay add. :D

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