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  1. I can answer by pressing the d-pad/optical mouse button. I can also reject a call using the hard end key. But I cannot answer using the hard answer key. And don't even ask about PhoneEx, that was a complete mess, I had to disable it.
  2. I have joined the ranks of the brave few... :lol: I just installed the new digitizer from wholesaleandy (silver BTW) and the difference is absolutely night and day. As others have said, it feels like an entirely new phone. I don't have to mash/poke/prod or otherwise abuse the screen to get it to register my touches. It also seems incredibly more accurate. When I touch the X it actually registers. The same when I touch the down/up scroll arrows. Typing on the keyboard (landscape mode) is also much more smooth and accurate. Plus I don't have to use my fingernails. I can actually use my fingers!!! :D
  3. Then you must be one of the lucky few with the new digitizer. Because I'm on my fourth custom ROM and the touch screen is still crap compared to the responsiveness in those videos. But my new one is on the way. :D
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