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  1. Just noticed that when VZ Navigator is running in the background, Google Maps is given access to aGPS tracking when tasked to determine your location. If VZ Navigator is not running in the background, normal satellite positioning is used. Pretty cool. Gotta pay for VZ Navigator though to get that functionality.
  2. Google Maps sure locked on like it was aGPS. It found me in my basement in under five seconds after opening the program. Maybe if your a paying VZ Navigator customer, Verizon offers the aGPS information up to the third party software that's installed on the phone. Just a thought.
  3. Actually, it's the straight up CC20 that was leaked. I didn't install any of the cooked ROMs, cuz I was waiting for an official Sumsung release. On that note, I did talk to Samsung's Technical Support and they did say to expect one on their website (Omnia Page) in the near future, but no date. I asked if they were mearly speculating, and the individual stated that they were indeed not speculating. I guess time will tell with regard to that nugget of information.
  4. I don't know how Verizon did it, but it's working like a champ. What's weird is, I believe I already had version 4.1.5 of VZ Navigator already installed from several months ago, but when I re-downloaded it yesterday, and then re-installed it, the setup looked different, and it worked instantly. Go figure.
  5. By the time I figure out how to prove this with pictures, half the forum will have installled the new VZ Navigator file and confirmed it.
  6. VZ Navigator is now working with the CC20 ROM. I downloaded the latest version yesterday and installed it. The install removes the old version and loads the new 4.1.5 version. To my surprise, not only did VZ Navigator start working flawlessly again, but Google Maps seems to get an aGPS type satellite lock. I observe an instant lock, as soon as Google Maps opens. Looks like Verizon fixed the aGPS issue on their end, not only allowing VZ Navigator to work again, but somehow embedded the fix in the VZ Navigator install, opening it up to third party applications as well.
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