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  1. the files he can reach it all about backing up and restoring of sms's
  2. if you ever sync'ed the device with a computer that has activesync go back to that computer and sync it, activesync will automatically unlock it, if you told it to do that, otherwise your SOL
  3. try this http://social.microsoft.com/Forums/en-US/w...cd-6b90427c9859 if that don't work you may be SOL
  4. yea thats an easy one, go back to XP
  5. the tilt does not have any form of motion sensors.
  6. What your not on WM6 yet!!! go do it!!!
  7. from this site http://www.mikechannon.net/page1.html here is the service manual. http://mikechannon.net/PDF%20Manuals/HTC_K...vice_Manual.pdf this will show you hot to disassemble and reassemble the device.
  8. in case you don't visit XDA-developers, it has been discovered that with a simple registry tweak you can have two sided call recording. http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=493118 there is a little cab file that is there, all you need is some software that can auto record phone calls. im currently using vito audio notes. i have also updated the wiki to show the registry changes. Make sure to check your local laws to see if it is legal for you to record calls, on this side of the pond i have to tell every1 that there being recorded.
  9. i have an at&t 8125 that my fiancée dropped and broke the LCD. other than that the phone works fine, it can still make calls its fully unlocked SIM and software. the touch screen still works. i have a 512 mb memory card that will go with the phone. the outside of the case is well used/scratched (from being dropped). i have 2 styli but no charger (im keeping it as it works for my tilt B) ). the battery holds a good charge. i think i even have the original box, if i do it will be shipped with it. Im asking $35(USD) + shipping to any country. i will take payments via paypal only. PM me for with shipping info and i will get you a total. if you want pictures or a short video of the phone working just send me a PM.
  10. This post here on XDA has i nice little cab file that will setup your internet connection. http://forum.xda-developers.com/showpost.p...amp;postcount=3 the Internet - MMS link, b16b ConnectionSetup 1_5_35361
  11. How about just giving us some proper drivers for kaiser. not really a question :( Are they planning on releasing any drivers for the kaiser that will take advantage of the chipset so the phone will have faster 2d/3d images?
  12. I loaded it on my tilt and it worked just fine. though it did crash adventualy, I was able to browse over to google look up some stuff before it crashed. there was no way, that I could see to zoom in and out but I was able to scroll orund the pge without problem. its slow and clunky but its pre alpha more lik prof of concept, lots of code bugs that make it slow but its from the firefox team so whens it ready it should b cool.
  13. well glad you got it fixed, i was looking for the reg. entry that makes that happen from time to time looks like i can stop looking
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