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  1. Thanks for the link to the PPC native version. I've been using UPX but don't always seem to get back to compressing each new version of my software. This will be nice to be able to compress right on the device, of course a compress on install option would be even better.
  2. Sorry but I'm not really sure what you are trying to do. Do you want to eliminate the Flight Mode feature and if so why? Maybe I missing something.
  3. Here is my old Samsung SCH-i600 (Verizon) WM2003. Samsung_SCH_i600__Verizon_.txt
  4. The following is the standard text plugin (just displays text). <plugin file="sysplug.dll" clsid="{5419F376-6520-4407-B8B8-740F5B353EDA}"> <label bgtext="#FFFFFF"> <text lang="0x0409">Hello</text> <text lang="0x040c">Bonjour</text> </label> </plugin> The following website will give you the basic information on the standard microsoft plugins. MSDN: Customizing the Microsoft Smartphone 2002 Home Screen
  5. All part of the learning process. We have all been there!
  6. The i600 has it quirks, but still serves me everyday. :)
  7. Can't remember what you can and can't do with the standard Tasks application, but it is very limited. If your a heavy calendar / tasks user you might want to check out some of the available alternatives. I would recommend Papyrus. I can't live without it. Also Facade is one of the most amazing homescreen plugins available. As always try them out and see what suits your needs.
  8. Finally picked up a 360 a week or so ago. GamerTag: SinisterJunkie
  9. I find it very useful. I'm still amazed the Microsoft did include a search capability by default.
  10. I use Syncdata's SmarphoneFind to search for all sorts of data. Pretty useful.
  11. My smartphone was set to automatically update the time and date off the network by default. Go to Start - Settings - More - Phone Settings - Other and set Time to Auto. Hope that helps. ;)
  12. Obviously not the best solution, but at least usable. I'm sure Todd will address this as soon as he can.
  13. There is currently a bug in Facade related to the handling of WM5 notifications. The issue seems to be related with the switching of homescreen layouts. Try choosing the Facade layout you wish to use and then reboot your phone. Facade sould then seem the updates made to the calendar and task databases. This has been a successful temporary solution for some other users. Here is a link to Todd's response over at SBSH. Hope this helps out.
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