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  1. I need a little help... How do you install / change the icon. I downloaded the Elegance_Black_Gloss.rar ok now what do I do Thanks
  2. I need some. Is 3.5 the most current version of .net framework and where can it be downloaded. I search Microsoft but it was a little confusing Thanks
  3. I have a PNY 4GB how do you tell what "class" and what does this Mean? Thanks
  4. The one annoyance I found is when you flip the phone to play a vid or a game you can easily press the home key by accident. This makes you reload the program - a pain when using ferrari
  5. My omnia 910 shut down and can only be restarted by pulling the battery. I narrowed the caused down to google maps, if I forget to exist the program when finished it causes the problem - at least for me
  6. Thanks I'll check it out... I was holding off trading up th the omina II until I was sure this was the case
  7. On the MArketplace Forum there are 100+ post and a few of them said that the programs couldn't be moved.
  8. Thanks... I heard MS changed the software so that you could only install programs not files to the phones main mem. MArketplace does NOT give you the option to store to the card, which really sucks
  9. Has anyone who is running 6.5 successfully installed an app (i.e skype, google maps, etc) to your storgae card. I know if you use market place you cannot, but before I buy the in Omnia II and want to make sure Microsoft didn't cripple this feature. I wouldn't put it past them Thanks
  10. What setting does the Omnia have "out-of-the-Box" and can it be changed? I'm thinking of a new router and would like the Omnia to be up to speed (pardon the pun) Thanks
  11. Thanks for the reply... Yes by you definition it is freezing. I have the 910 and even after the update it is still win 6.1
  12. Starting yesterday the phone turned off two-three times and each time I had to pull the battery to get it to turn back on. I have the new VZW Rom and the only thing I did was to delete google maps and reinstall it to "my storage". When I turn on the phone the battery level was at 60%. Few thing I have noticed - it seems the battery is draining faster the last twp days and Active sync (since the ROM update) is always running in the background anyone have this problem or know a fix??
  13. Do the soft keys work? mine don't but grab and sing do
  14. OK I installed the "new" compressed version first to the storage card. As long as I did not tap Menu the program worked. If I tap menu I received an error message and then I needed to stop the program with task manager. Deleted installed to device - same thing (oh tried it with both dial and WIFI) anyone have a suggestion or work around?
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