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  1. sd_wireless

    New FREE Utility - NoData

    I'm finding the same issue as another HTC user who posted in this thread... The data connection is getting automatically re-enabled. I've verified that data is disabled by: 1. Launching the browser and having it time out 2. Noting the lack of horizontal arrows at the bars indicating cellular signal strength However, launching WiFiFoFum will automatically re-establish the data connection. Is this a known issue? Is there are a way to prevent all applications from being able to re-establish the data connection.
  2. sd_wireless

    SPV Invaders

    Seemed to install fine, but when I try to launch it on my HTC 6800 (WM 6.1) it blanks the screen and I have to soft reset to get control back.
  3. sd_wireless

    New FREE Utility - NoData

    Major kudos and mucha gracias. This is a great little app and I see it saving me a ton of money. Please do post when you have the QuidWare version ready for purchase and download.

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