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  1. You need to enable samsung dialer first (either through fav hackings), or try this: [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Security\Phone\Skin] "Enabled"=dword:0, you should change to 1 and reboot your Omnia Thanks also to andrew.mazlim and Nauro Jr for trying to solve this.. :P
  2. I have been using wm6.1, build 21057 (final 6.1 from what i've heard). Been using it for 3weeks and it seems VERY stable with everything working. I'm amazed by the RAM management of 6.1. After 1 week with no soft reset i still had 45-50mb free.. Now i've just flashed 28233 and it seems faster than 6.1 builds but use more RAM. BTW, my current rom is an extrafat rom with everything cooked (apps wise) but only Samsung Today 2 + Titanium UI's. It's got all default samsung apps (apart from Touch Player), including RSS reader, Sammy clock, Streaming player etc.etc... I will share if it's still ok in a couple of days.. Try dialup enabler-disabler You can't, i'm afraid. Thanks for your help :P
  3. You need M2TP (to be able to add home screen plugins).. You can find it HERE ;)
  4. You can always just convert SRSWOW to OEM in the normal way and replace the PROVXML in oemdrivers with THIS one to avoid sleep bug (which normally happens when cooking SRSWOW).. Only thing then is that you can't un-install it.. ;)
  5. Totally agree, it's alot of work for not much change (screens, bug testing, uploading roms, 3-4 versions etc etc...).. I think the future is in personalizing the rom and finding some nice and unusual 3rd party apps and utilities (like Action screens for M2D and different SMS screens). Ock is very good at that and Shokka9's roms were legendary :( .. BTW, if anyone want to use any of the stuff i used in my roms, there are my EXT's and my OEM's.. Might be useful to someone :P .
  6. Thanks for all your comments, i'm gonna miss you all to (although i'll still be around, just not cooking any more).. You could be right, i normally charge the phone overnite anyway, so it's not an issue.. This weekend will be a good tester as i'm away for a couple of days :( . Personally i think 231** is the moste "reliable" 6.5.. It seems that once m$ is happy with the new features, 23** gets them (new contacts from 234** , new outlook from 235** etc etc).. Soon we'll probably see the new IE from 28*** (my theory anyway). Take care!! B)
  7. try browsing to the folder where your music is (using a computer through active sync) and with the computer set to "view hidden and system files". Then you can just delete the picture. Might work :P
  8. No a great deal in it between M2Dv1 and v2. The weather on home screen is the obvious one (but i prefer SPB weather anyway as you get a forecast, not just current conditions. You know, you could just look out of the window :( ).. Any way.. so here we go: 23549 FloTanium (with M2Dv2 but no 6.5 widgets) 23549 Classic Titanium (LITE rom, no M2D or un-neccessary progs, still kept all the tools and utilities).. Thankyou to everyone that's used my roms (Special thanks to Waikiki, 2001 and ilovemyi900). And obviously a special thanks to Shokka9 :( That's it.. THE END.
  9. Personally i'm gonna stick with 549, it seems fast and stable (been using it for 5-6 days now). Defo better than 23110, but it's got M2Dv1, not v2. Still a FloTanium though. If i decide to cook any roms in the future i'll definately share, if time permits :( You're welcome, glad you like it :(
  10. Thanks for the support :P I've tried 23551 but it's not as fast as 23549. i DID consider 23549 but i've changed my kitchen to my personal taste. You're more than welcome to try my personal 23549 HERE. same as the full FloTanium but with M2D v1 (no weather on home page) and shokka9's black M2D theme. Only bug with M2D is that it doesn't bring you back to the home tab when pressing End key. here's a screen shot using SPB weather on home tab.
  11. just google TFDetacher and you should find it. I haven't got a cab i'm afraid :P This is standard behaviour of 6.5. Mouse don't work properly :( No, it's already cooked in Search for either Tianium weather or Chero clock :( try THIS cab for TVOUT
  12. to enable typing ip numbers properly (***.***.***.*** instead of **.**.**.**). Hope it makes sense :P .. For a few tools like that, have alook at my kitchen HERE (post 4).
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