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  1. In the a over-head tunnel walk in downtown Atlanta, Georgia. The tunnel that starts from the Hilton hotels to the mall. My phone picked up atleast 15 signals, but only three was unsecured. I was walking so I didn't have a chance to connect to any of them. I guess it picked up so many because it was higher off the ground and most routers are on high story office building, signal avoided all the trees and cars.
  2. I am the 2 1/2 year user of Smart Phones I am only 16 too. Had about 8 diffrent devices. But I sync every night I get home. Can't believe that he doesn't even know about the minimize not close thing. You should introduce him software like 1: Pocketbreeze with contact breeze plugin (used to use it) 2: SPB Diary (works great less memory usage) Just a little rant: I work with car audio and home theater, so I use the ppc at work for the spectrlizer program But, my work is buying three TyTn!!!!!!!! And there's only two employees in my department. I'M GETTING ONE! To bad its not really mines.
  3. also: TestTodayPlugin.cab search at xda-developers.com Works great its Freeware and has picture dialing also
  4. Well the o2 Plus software bundle comes with a signal meter. I would give it you but I'm sorry because I don't know if it is consider illegal or not, because I was passed on to me from a co-worker. Its online, just do a google search.
  5. works great. thanks alot. did it under 2 mins.
  6. thanks for your answer. Yea its not a UK model, thats I hate america's fcc. we don't get anything great.
  7. Can anyone help me. I tried to install the rom I downloaded for the Vario. But when I update, its telling me its not for my phone? I am sure I downloaded the right one.
  8. I dont have softkey setting :) Thanks for the reply
  9. Sorry I'm a WM5 noob. Is there any way or a registry setting to change the Calendar button to something else on the Vario.
  10. thanks alot. I've used treo 650 lately (horrible) windows all the way!
  11. I am confused now from reading everything, my question is that I can I use PPC apps with my Vario
  12. don't worry about missing up the phone. there's also a hard reset available to you. just dont change anything about the firmware.
  13. if you still haven't changed the order of your start menu, this will help. The default shortcut should be Start-9-1-9-6-press Blue Button
  14. will if you go into your call history. then click menu, and then view timers. you should see all the minutes you use. you can reset the counter every billing period of so.
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