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  1. I have installed but it seems to be in Greek, how do I change to english I have tried via the regional setting but this does not seem to work.
  2. I would not say I hate it or love it, but i would love it more if Samsung would release a flipping firmware update to fix the really really slow threaded sms.
  3. The main problem with the o2 is the Very Very Very slow threaded messages
  4. I know But Samsung still has not released a firmware update to speed it up, & it taking way to long to do so.
  5. its swipe thats fast not omnia 2 which is slow, it has been out for over 5 months with win 6.5, & still no official update. cant wait to get rid of samsung.
  6. I have Omnia 2 with 6.5 in UK & STILL NO official ROM AVAILABLE, I hate Sammy, cant wait to get rid of this phone, this was there flagship phone & all samsung has done is forgotten about it & just releases more phones. I will not be getting a Samsung phone for at least 3 years, I just dont trust them.
  7. What I like the Iphone 1. Touchscreen 2. 30 pin dock 3. Apps Why I wont get an Iphone Unless these get added. 1. Home screen. I want Widgets I want to see the weather/calendar entry's without opening an application 2. Better camera & Dual Flash 3. Adobe Flash on web sites
  8. As soon as Motorola release there Motoroi with Xenon flash (hopefully upgraded processor) I am selling mu i8000, I am fed up of waiting for Samsung to support this phone & release an oficial 6.5.3 / 6.5.5 update, or even an update that speeds up the windows mobile 6.5 threaded sms which is slow beond a joke. I say Sell, Sell, but it does depend on what you will be replacing it will??? This will be my last Windows mobile phone as I hate the windows phone 7 home screen & menus, the look, scrolling left look awful aswell.
  9. This may be a silly question, but a novice here, how do you flash your I8000. Do you down load the three files? Do I rename all three, do I need a .mst file if so where do i get one, then what do u do??? Do you use Octans mini/ copy to you phone & run or what. Thanks.
  10. Very Very nice thank you but can you set it so that is you tap the screen nothing happens, & set the unlock screen to unlock it, if you know what I mean. Thanks.
  11. Windows 7 not skinable so by by Win mobile, the i8000 will be my last windows mobile phones, only Android & Symbian^4 (when released) from now on. Microsoft may gain more uses but lose more than they gain. Silly microsoft.
  12. Thanks you very much for the reply & for a future update.
  13. SPB mobile shell coming next week for Windows Mobile, Android & Symbian, WOW cant wait http://www.pocketpt.net/forum/index.php?sh...p;s=e5e088100c6
  14. Works well for missed call with green icon. Could you please add a orange?? icon for when you have a missed text message, that would be fantastic. Many Thanks.
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