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  1. Looks great! When can we expect to see your full GTX theme up here?!
  2. M2D only link is down. Any chance someone could re-up it? Wanna try out this ROM. Never mind. Just copy & pasted the link into my browser and I got it.
  3. Just flashed to 23128 and (almost) everything is working great. I installed the M2D2 cab and everything went swimmingly. My only complaint is that the weather on the home tab of M2D is not displaying anything. It says "Your Town" and "Sunny" with no temp. Any way to fix this?
  4. Haha, I know but I thought an excess of emoticons might persuade you. I'll try out the cab.
  5. Moxycalt, care to take a look at this theme? I know someone is attempting to convert it to WQVGA but I thought you might be willing to take a swing. http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=665241
  6. I'm almost positive this question has been asked already but I can't find a decisive answer so I'll ask anyways. I have an i910 and recently applied your theme to the M2D ROM I'm using. Everything is working great after a few small changes to the graphics files. However, the white text on a white background is killing me. I found a "fix" cab in this thread and tried to change the text colors through M2DC but after applying the changes to the text colors (specifically the messaging tab) nothing happens. Any suggestion? I love the theme but if I can't find a work around I think I'll have to switch back to a different theme. Thanks! EJ EDIT: Also the clock is bugging out on me. It looks fine until the time changes. I can leave the home page and return and the clock is back to normal so it's nothing too terrible, it just annoys me.
  7. I was wondering if anyone has Google Voice and Visual Voice Mail working on their Omnia and if so you recommend the two programs?
  8. M2DC lets you change the background for all panels under the "Background" tab.
  9. A side note: Can you upload a cab of the GPS Lock Fix? Thanks!
  10. Yes, they were .lnk files, I was just using the wrong term. Anyways, I figured it out. Since the programs are cooked into the ROM, they don't show up in the file explorer (because they're system files and explorer's default settings hide sys files) You just need to set file explorer to unhide system files and they should show up in the Start Menu folder.
  11. No it's not that. I have full access to the Start Menu folder. It's just that not all the programs that appear in the start menu appear in the file explorer.
  12. M2D V2 is working great! One question though (marginally noobish, but for some reason I don't know the answer). How can I get apps like Calendar, Contacts, Alarms, Calculator, etc. to appear in the Start Menu folder (windows/start menu/programs/)? I like to organize my start menu into folders and I can't access these program exe's. Thanks!
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