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  1. i had the exact same issue i had a tytn on the orange world unlimited, and i upgraded to the tytn2 back in october and was told that all bundles etc will roll over for the length of the new contract i was on orange premier 600 too, which meant i could upgrade after 9months, and it was a 12 month contract. i got a bill in feb08 for £230 which is about 4x my usual, so i moaned to Orange. they told me i was wrong a few times, and that i should have known that the orange world unlimited was due to expire. which i wasnt told. so the only way they can offer me a decent data allocation is to put me on panther 75 web or something, which is 250mb per month but its an 18month contract so i had to lose my lovely "upgrade every 9 months" tarrif and now im stuck with 18month! to make matters worse, they still havent refunded me my data costs for that month (~£150) despite assuring me that it'd be done on my next bill date. i've been waiting for 4 months now... i really really really hate orange now... after being with them for 9 years they just screwed me over too many times
  2. i think if you get a nice looking sales girl with a big chest then you should count yourself lucky, my lad...
  3. as for the voice calls coming out of the main speaker, i set the volume to 1 notch above 0 and turn the phone around so the external speaker is against my ear. works perfectly on my m3100
  4. 75mbps?? surely you mean kbps or are you talking about the download limit?
  5. in the specs listed on the france telecom site it has accès à TV Live does that mean what i think that means??
  6. if you're planning on using the 3g connection to play online i reckon you'd be wasting your time. even if it worked and you did get connected the latency would be terrible and make the games unplayable... i may be mistaken but i thought the Wii had a 10/100 ethernet port. how would you connect that to the phone directly?
  7. i have tomtom running on my m3100 while using a bluetooth headset. it all works fine, but the tomtom instructions dont come through the headset. i'd prefer it this way. the speaker on the m3100 is certainly loud enough for my tastes and i wouldnt want "in 300 yards, turn right" interupting my conversations on my headset.
  8. i have virtual pool running on my m3100... its great. if only there were multi player via wifi/bluetooth... that'd be cool... has anyone else got any other good games that run well on the m3100? i seem to swap between vp and bubble breaker
  9. hello all, im trying to setup pop3 email access on my m3100, but the pop3 account type is not available in the drop down menu on the New account setup in messaging. this could be because i messed about with it before trying to rename POP3 to be Gmail, so i knew what account it was. but now i cant get it to work at all could someone check their HKEY_CURRENT_USER\ Software\ Microsoft\ MAPI folder in registry on the m3100 and tell me what settings are in there for pop3 as default. I dont want to hard reset as its taken me ages to get it configured how i like. im hoping that by just manually recreating the registry values, it will appear again... i'll buy you a virtual pint and i'll be your best friend for ever! thanks bucket loads
  10. coolcamera is supposed to be able to do it, i had it working on my HTC wizard. the version that i tried wasnt compatable with the tytn. the latest version is apparently compatable. although i cant get it to work at the mo.
  11. timiano, is that mobile office communicator you have running there?
  12. just to update you all, i got my first bill in since i've had the
  13. i was hoping to do this too... i wanted to change the POP3 to be gmail or something it would just mean that the account names held more relavance.
  14. i've had it too... bit wierd... doesnt bother me too much though.
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