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  1. Years ago I was being stupid and trying to flash WM5 to my H4150 even though there was no WM5 ROM for it. Well I beyond bricked it. I bricked it to the point that the bootloader doesn't even load up. To the point that it doesn't even know how to take a charge (it's not the battery). The power light doesn't even light up when it's sitting on the cradle. I don't think the buttons even respond. Is there anyway to recover it?
  2. Haha, that's funny! You need to set your alarm to the Zerglings or Hydralisks finished being built sound and turn it up loud. I bet that would get you up. ;)
  3. I can't get it to work properly. The screen won't update on mine. If I click Single Player it appears to not do anything but it actually goes to the Single Player screen but doesn't update the graphics. If I rotate the screen it updates the screen, but only if I change the rotation. Anybody else run into this?
  4. I can but I don't really want to test the actual data capabilities but just that the browser software will use the connections properly to know how to connect to the data connection. For testing if the online features are totally working I can use the wireless. The problem is during cooking I keep breaking it so the browsers don't know how to connect to the data connection. I get an error bubble saying I need to setup a connection profile for it to be able to connect with a "dismiss" button. I don't really need to actually connect. I just need to be able to test that it knows how to connect properly.
  5. For what ever reason UMDL doesn't like Winamp running while it is if you happened to have that running.
  6. Resco should work fine with wm6.5 the same as it does with wm6.1. One thing I do is with my backup program make a full backup, flash and do what I want with the other ROMs, then when I want to go back flash the ROM that is the base ROM of the backup I made then restore the backup.
  7. Hmm, interesting! How long does it take to do that? If it takes a little bit of time I could see that getting old real quick if you did that a couple times a night. So just so I'm clear on everything. On the non-activated phone if you open a internet browser and it tries to connect will it right away say that the phone isn't activated or you don't have service, or will it try to connect (with the connection bubble with the "cancel", "hide" options) and then say you don't have service so you can see that portion works? That's what I'm really after as opposed to actually connecting and using the data connection.
  8. Bummer, I was hoping there was a way to tell that stuff was working without flashing and messing up what's on the second Omnia. I was hoping to not have to make backups of what was operational on the Omnia and not have to make a couple flashes to get it back to usable condition.
  9. Actually not really. The chefs build a ROM from scratch. The ROMs you download from them aren't exported from a phone but are actually built the way you download them from the kitchens. It would be nice though if M$ didn't remove the backup feature they used to have in Active Sync when the mobile devices still used volatile memory. It would still come in handy. You would have to use third party backup software to do that now.
  10. For you cooks that have more than one Omnia and use one for cooking and one as your actual phone how do you test data features like internet? Since you can only have one phone activated how do you test to see if the data connection is working or programs that use online features are working properly? Since Omnias are only $10 now I'm thinking about getting a new one and using my old one for cooking so I can actually keep my phone setup as a working phone. But I keep breaking internet while cooking and I'm trying to figure out how I would test that or similar things since the test unit would not actually be activated and able to connect to the data connection or phone connection for that matter?
  11. True, don't want stuff to get too moldy. :)
  12. Cool Thanks! So if I understand that post correctly than the 23511 in Wozzers post has been patched and won't timebomb the message has just been left in there to customize if you want to?
  13. I'm trying to build a ROM using Wozzers new kitchen and 23511. When I flash a ROM it says it's a Beta and has an expiration date of 5/10/10. On one of the 3 or 4 main Omnia forums I think I read there was a fix for this, where was that?
  14. I just had this same problem trying to flash on Win7 64-bit after it already worked and I was able to flash a ROM. It turns out Winamp was somehow interfering with it which I wasn't running the first time I flashed. I closed Winamp and it worked fine again.
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