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  1. Thanking you if you help to port nougat to these Chuwi tablets is perfectly fine and deserved, but this doesn't authorize you to bull people around.
  2. If this was the purpose you should have used a PM. Try to calm down. Have you eaten something heavy? Peppers at dinner?
  3. if there are no kernel sources and the sources of the various adaptations to the 7.1.1 aosp tree.. it's unlikely that Konsta will be able to port anything...
  4. yeah, I understand that completely. There are too many variants for very similar devices!
  5. Hi @KonstaT The new patch worked flawlessy.. the rear facing camera is ok now.
  6. I'll try to flash this later in the day and I'll let you know. Thanks!
  7. Hi @KonstaT, I have noticed that the rear facing camera on my Hi10 Pro (z8300 version) tablet produces flipped upside down images. I'm running the 12/04 release and I'm using the provided patch for Hi10 pro. Am I the only one with this issue? Is there a setting to swap it?
  8. fear_factory84

    Gear best lies

    It can be true that they finished the stock. That's unfair for you, but during black friday they sold hundreds of them. I bought one during the black friday sale, but from the eu deposit. It was the old version with z8300, and it took to ship 2 weeks, from uk to italy. Beware if you get the remix os version, it has 2 malware apk on it. I took almost a week to fix the software side, now I have KonstaT cm 12.1 and Windows 10 1607 in Italian. I hope that it will last.... Probably this was my first and last substantious order from gearbest.
  9. Hi, I have an Hi10 Pro too, you can use the system.img / boot.img / recovery.img files from stock android image from the Chuwi forum (under the official hi10 pro firmware thread, not sure if I can link it here). You can use fastboot to flash them manually. There is also an Intel tool to reflash the whole tablet, but I think it's more dangerous as it flashes firmware/bootloaders/bios and completely repartition the whole emmc. Don't use the stock chuwi remix os image, it has two malware apk on it (teleyphone.apk and youtubeoem.apk). Regarding cm13.. I still have to try it..
  10. Hi @KonstaT, Have you noticed that in the Chuwi Remix OS 2.0 rom there is another "suspicious", possibly malware apk (virustotal) : /addons/YouTubeOem/YouTubeOem.apk Can you please remove it from the rom? I got this tablet since a few days and started messing on it until I discovered that the provided remix os rom contained malware. First I installed ext2fsd on windows and I got rid of those two apk by deleting them. Due to dm-verity remix os was not booting anymore. I installed the stock android 5.1.1 from Chuwi following the instructions on their forum and it looks apparently clean. I tried to do a clean install of windows 10 1607 and I messed up the android partitions. Luckily I did a full backup with Macrium and now I'm going to restore everything back. Do we have a general discussion topic about this tablet so I can seek information on how to cleanly reinstall windows on this tablet without messing up the android partitions? Thanks! edit: restore done, flashed twrp and your cm12.1 successfully, now back on the windows side to try to successfully upgrade to windows 10 1607... it looks like it's an hard thing to achieve.
  11. fear_factory84

    fear_4.008.08.EMEA.VFIT_v1.1 - custom rom

    Yes of course.. I only have to find an available file hosting.. update: new links are up! Please tell me if you have problems..
  12. I've disabled all animations and I have no problems at all.. I've made another change to LiquidNext 1.9.2, I've changed rild and it's libraries with the version found in acer's 4.008.08 firmware. I had sometimes lockups when I close a call, now they are gone. I still use the radio that comes with 4.002.14 acer bin. So these are my unofficial patches to be flashed on top of 1.9.2: 4.008.08 rild: LN1.9.2-rild400214.zip (554.38 KB) http://www.multiupload.com/CTR9TP4U7O original rild to revert this modification: LN1.9.2-rildorig.zip (554.5 KB) http://www.multiupload.com/XNIED8HS1R Kernel without adaptive voltages, undervolts etc.: LN-1.9.2-fearkernel-0.1.zip (2.5 MB) http://www.multiupload.com/VEB9ZGPKYW if you want to revert to LiquidNext 1.9.2 kernel: LN-1.9.2-origkernel.zip (2.55 MB) http://www.multiupload.com/ACV0YTOEFE That's what I've modified on kernel sources: fearkernel0.1.patch (13.54 KB) http://www.multiupload.com/CWNOI3Z1FO I would like to share also my memory and cpu settings: In cyanogenmod settings, performance: disable dithering, recover bitmap memory. cup frequencies 245mhz, 768mhz (stock speeds) Apps on sd, dalvik and data on internal memory proximity sensor disabled (it works for me but drains too much battery if you do many phone calls, and that's an hardware problem, software couldn't be better) automatic brightness: average window filter enabled, 30 seconds, 600lux reset, 10 sec sampling, custom levels enabled, reduce light enabled, custom levels 0-199 values display 35, 200-399 display 55, 400-999 display 70, 1000-1999 display 95, 2000-2499 display 115, 2500-2999 display 180, 3000-inf display 200 7 levels in total. Memory and sdman settings: Swap enabled in sdman (128mb on class 10 card), swappiness 5 (higher values lead to many lags) v6 script enabled for hard to kill launcher (see ln wiki) minfree set on sdman, multitasking profile scheduler noop
  13. Strange, it never happened to me with this kernel. Until today I got no phone freezes at all, and that keeps me happy. Which backlight setting do you have? I use automatic brightness. Proximity sensor disabled.
  14. fear_factory84

    Liquid Next Rom 1.9.2 Huge Battery Drain

    It could also be that you have an app open that enables a wake lock, so the phone never enter in low power mode. Please post a screenshot of your battery stats when it drains a lot..
  15. Hi. With clean 1.9.2 i've got random hangs. I flashed your patch.

    And now I get screen wake problem - when I press power button strange thing happen. Screen turns on but with zero brightness. Never before I had such problem.

    By the way for 12 hours i have no hang. We must wait longer to check if you patch really helps with hangs.


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