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  1. Now that the 7.7 is available is some countries, and available for pre-order in the UK, how's about a dedicated section for it please ?
  2. I ordered one on Monday and it arrived on Tuesday, so next day worked for me. Maybe the initial flurry of orders has died down ? Been running well with Win 7 until this morning, I shut it down with the "and install updates" option, and now it looks like explorer.exe is corrupt. Have to wait until I get home again to sort it out, one of the joys of running pre-release software. Gonna sort out dual booting with the original Linpus Linux and Win 7 (or maybe XP for now ! lol).
  3. I've had a Vario II for 2 years now, originally on an 18m contract. I was on a £35/m contract, which included WnW+ I only ever really used 10 - 20% of my call/text credit. I just called up to ask for a MAC code, pretending I didn't know the phone was out on T-Mob yet. He asked the usual questions, I said I was paying too much for the amount I use the Vario II, and that my current phone is old hat and has been dropped too many times (which it has) - the loudspeaker and buttons don't always work. So I let him ask me about which phones would interest me, I replied SE-X1, or the HTC Touch Pro. He advised that the Vario IV was avail, did I want to see what he could do for me on an upgrade... So, I've upgraded. Another 18m contract on a 100minute+100text Combi 15 tarrif (which is enough for me). Still got WnW+, for £24.46/m. The phone itself will cost me £132.75 + £7 delivery, and he threw in an extra 4GB card (or a Bluetooth headset). I thought that was pretty reasonable, given that on the site, on that tarrif, the phone should be > £300. Hope this helps y'all ! Daz. Update 5/2/09 - Got the phone, first impression are very good! To clarify, there was a 2gb card (with a 7-day trial of Co-Pilot on) and a stylus already in the phone, a spare stylus, screen protector and slip on case in the box and T-Mobile included an additional 4gb card as part of my upgrade.
  4. The ROM is now officially linked from T-Mobile UK.... http://www.tm-phonedownloads.com/sd_vario2.html
  5. Have a look at GBPVR, excellent bit of PVR software, and free. I use it with a USB-UIRT, to use a standard remote. Works a treat. http://www.gbpvr.com/ http://www.usbuirt.com/
  6. I've just set it up, and whilst I don't have to be signed in the whole time, it does keep a data connection live. May as well just configure POP3 to d/l every 30 minutes, IMHO !
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