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  1. Hi, for everyone lucky enough to get a Kaiser, can you please comment on the size and weight of the device, especially ones who had a Hermes before. How does it compare to the Hermes, does it feel heaver in your pocket? Do you actually notice any difference? And the size, is it a noticeable difference to the Hermes. Thanks
  2. duncan888

    TyTN II wired remote control 10 quid off

    Will this work on the original TYTN (Hermes) as I got one at the moment and waiting for the Kaiser to be released on T-Mobile, would be nice to get it at the discounted price and use it on the Hermes until the Kaiser is avaliable. Thanks
  3. duncan888


    so what about skype on WM6, ayone tried this yet? this is the only thing stopping me from getting one of these phones, I need to make skype calls! Thanks.
  4. duncan888

    Expansys U.K. has Vox in stock

    expansys is a bit of a rip off. You can get it for £260 inc delivery at phones2udirect
  5. Is this the latest version os TCPMP? Is this still the best divx etc video player for Pocket PC at the moment still?
  6. duncan888

    How to get the Clock on the Top Bar

    Thanks for the reply, I knew about that option, but I want the clock to show when on the homescreen, not just when a application is open.
  7. Is it possible to get the Clock to show on the top bar as it was in PC2003? WM5 has replaced the clock with a battery icon which isnt very informative as its only a 2 stage indicator.
  8. duncan888


    I used to have a C500 then moved to a M500 which was fantastic but was missing Wifi, so I decided to get a Imate SP5m with wifi. It was good but soon missed the big screen of the M500 and the great software. So now I've ordered a M600 which should be delivered at home as I'm typing. The M600 is only a little wider than the C500 etc (smartphone) and fits in a pocket fine. I'd go for a pocket pc every time, especialy as they are only slightly bigger
  9. duncan888

    AutoFlight V4.1.1

    I've given the new version a test, and the same pin problem still occurs. The sim card I have is just a standard Orange UK sim card, only one number.
  10. duncan888

    AutoFlight V4.1.1

    Thanks for the reply cyberhouse, I have turned off the PIN for now, but the flight mode task isnt very reliable. I have only been using this application since Sunday, and twice it has failed to turn flight mode off when it was set to to turn off. Task is set (flight mode on - 12:30am) to (flight mode off - 7:15). Maybe the suggestion from Islanti is the way to go. P.S I can assure you that the PIN Code tick box was ticked with no effect.
  11. duncan888

    AutoFlight V4.1.1

    any progress cyberhorse?
  12. I've unlocked mine before the latest update no problems. And now with the latest firmware update, unlocked again no problems again.
  13. duncan888

    TomTom on SPV C600

    no problem with the Tomtom 5.20 update
  14. duncan888

    AutoFlight V4.1.1

    Thanks for they reply. I have checked the option settings and the Pin Code Option is definately on (tick box ticked). My phone is completely unlocked, I can install any application (application unlocked) and network unlocked. I also have a problem with phone restart. When the task executes it switches to flight mode, then reboots. When reboot has finished it stays in flight mode on the homescreen. I have also turned OFF the SIM PIN and tried the reboot task and the same thing happens, it says in flight mode after reboot. I'd be happy to test updates on the SP5m for you to resolve these problems. Many thanks
  15. duncan888

    AutoFlight V4.1.1

    Thanks cyberhorse, I assume this will will apply to switching to flight mode too. Maybe it should auto snooze the reboot/shutdown or switch to flight mode until the phone has been unactive for a couple of minutes. Any ideas when the next version will be out? I've actually only just downloaded the trial version 4.01, I'm having problems with setting it to flight mode and reset. when the phone reboots/flight mode off and the pin screen appears, it does nothing. I have entered my pin into the options menu, in both pin box and unlock box with no luck. Please advise. Thanks p.s I have a Imate SP5m with the latest firmware which came out about a week ago.

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