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  1. I have been using your ROM for awhile now and I have to say FREAKIN Awesome. So FAST.. :) I cannot get my Bluetooth headset to voice dial like it did before the flash. Any pointers? trying to use MS Voice Command 1.6 Have a good one!
  2. I have an I910 and when I try to flash I keep getting a Checksum FAILED message. Is this b/c most of these ROMS are only for the I900?? I have tried Sectors, Khuanchai, and various others with the same results...I have managed to use Waremike32's ROM but is is specifically for the I910. I want to give Khuanchai's ROM a go.. Any ideas??
  3. Great ROM! Everything that I need seems great and fast...The only thing I need that is missing is the ability to connect to wireless networks. I no longer have the option to turn the Wireless radio on and off and it just will not work. Any suggestions?
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