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  1. Happens to me too w/o mobile shell, on the 6.5 rom. Post in Wozzer's thread maybe
  2. Wow, this browser is FAST. Even though I like the UI of Opera better, for larger sized websites, this browser is awesome.
  3. Went back to 6.5 after I was having typing issues, and the ROM now is working beautifully!! Awesomeness, I'm lovin it.
  4. Bah I hope a completed version of 6.5 comes out soon. I was really enjoying it but for some reason, the typing was just so sluggish and after several attempts to fix it, I installed the 6.1 cooked rom... Typing is back to normal now, no lag. I don't know what was wrong with it <_< Maybe I'll try to reflash.
  5. Well, it is kind of a hack you know, it's not an official "fix" from Verizon. If you desperately need GPS on a phone and don't want to pay extra, then I suppose your post has some value, and the iphone may be fine for you. However, if you are tired with the Omnia after all your tweaks, I don't get how you will be satisfied with the iphone, unless you find it stimulating to have the opportunity to pay for useless apps.
  6. I find it hard to believe that you and I are the only ones with this issue. I too notice extreme lag when typing. It's slower than typing on a freaking storm. I don't know what happened. Do others truly not experience this? I was hoping not to have to hard reset or flash a diff ROM for a while, but it seems as though I may have to.
  7. Does anyone notice significantly slower action when typing? Like in text messages/emails? I need to type soooooo slow it's ridiculous. I don't understand what is wrong here, if it's the ROM or if it's something with my phone? It's very frustrating as I don't even want to text or email ever anymore!
  8. Hm I can't access bankofamerica mobile in opera with 6.5. I think I'll flash back to 6.1 for now until a full release comes out. I wish I could use 6.5 because I really like the new layout, but things like this don't make it practical for every day use I guess.. Look forward to your next release though :X
  9. Honestly I think any "techie" gets tired of gadgets quicker than the average population. If I could, I'd switch phones every 6 months or so, but that's not practical. And I think it's a good point whoever made it that THIS FORUM and all the hacks and such make the Omnia more than awesome. If most users just use it stock with no hacks or software, it's just a little better than the average smartphone. With this forum and all its resources its freakin awesome =P
  10. 1. Flashing is a lot easier than most (including me) anticipate. You backup your stuff, open the UMDL, plug in your phone, select the ROM file, press detect and restart your phone. Those directions are fine, as are the ones in the first post Wozzer gave. 2. This is the BETA release. There are not all of the customization features and some other things included. The new Today screen is probably the biggest improvement. 3. Yes, leaked ROM first... 5. Standard version comes with all programs... lite version has some removed and some added stated in the first post of this thread. So, it's really your decision. It will more than likely run better on the lite version due to more free space. Search around as well especially in these ROM threads, a lot of your questions can be answered there :D And to myoder, no the task manager is still there.
  11. I never really thought antivirus software was necessary for smarthphones... or perhaps everyone else uses it but I don't know about it hehe. What are you worried about in relation to browsing safety?
  12. I discovered the flashlight while flashing the 6.1 rom lol, I never knew there was a flashlight until it was easily accessible. And it's actually a pretty good light hehe
  13. I think once the FULL release comes out it will be a big improvement. There are a lot of things missing in the beta that are supposed to be in the full release. Almost anything is an improvement over the previous WinMo os's thought I guess heh Yes, the extra apps are added to the lite release.
  14. Still loving the ROM, but for some reason I still can't get a GPS lock in google maps. Does the GPS chip just suck in the i910?? lol I don't get itt. I've tried it in a pretty strong service area as well.
  15. to those saying that this release is missin.ga lot of things you are forgetting that this is a beta release and not everything is in it. it won't include every customization option you see in the videos.
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