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  1. Mirrors for the BUHJ1 Phone Part in .exe form. NO MORE PHONE BRICKING ! ;) HERE !
  2. You have to create a shortcut to this program (the one you want to add) and to the following path : Windows/Start Menu/Programs. :D
  3. XXHH3 & PMHI1 phone parts uploaded ! Both are from 2008 (august & september 2008). HERE !
  4. Due to an update concerning the PocketRAR graphics, the last version working (you can see all the "buttons") is v3.71 (before v3.71 should work too). The next versions, are hiding some important commands. Hope this helps. ;) Edit : Attached to this post, the wonderful v3.71. Have a good day ! :) PocketRAR_v3.71.cab
  5. Start > Settings > System > Power Navigate to the Battery Power tab (and also to the next tab "External power") and modify the settings in order to fit your needs !
  6. You can flash the phone part with an .exe file (which contain just the phone part itself). OR, flash the phone part (.bin file) with Grand Prix (not recommended, risk of failure). Attached to this post, the XBIC1 Phone Part in an .exe form. Just unrar, and flash it under Windows XP (you should install the XP modem drivers first, also attached to this post). XBIC1 PHONE PART HERE ! SamsungModem_xp.zip
  7. All flashed your ROM's with GrandPrix?
  8. Try Chainfire Patch ! Quote : "Some devices, especially the new 2009 Omnia series from Samsung do not have a lot of memory available. Some of these are also configured to use rather aggressive memory management. The result is that you can hardly start any amount of applications (3 or 4, usually) before the system starts to shut down already running applications, while half or more of the available physical memory is not being used at all". You can try it, HERE !
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