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  1. 23134 has the longest battery of any ROM I've used. I've run it pretty vanilla and will add a bluetooth device this weekend and see if there is much difference. It's very fast.
  2. 23134 installed last night. Looks great. Seems to be working great. Battery, thus far, is lasting longer than other builds before this.
  3. Battery lasts a lot longer on this so far.. very nice ROM. Very Nice.
  4. Flashed to 28233 from a Windows XP PC. It worked fine. ActiveSync automatically launched on my PC the screens to configure mail. My issues might have had to do with running UDML from a W7 machine??
  5. I'm having problems receiving texts on the titanium side (I could see the same texts through the touchflo/M2D side). I'm not sure the notification is sounding. Mail on the titanium side asks me to "setup" even though it's setup. I can get to my outlook mail if I select the mail program or go to the touchflo side. Hmmm..
  6. I flashed 23566. I really like the outlook interface. I did it from my Windows 7 machine and the option to configure my work exchange settings did not come up while connected to the machine. The configuration from the phone was kind of weird also. It kept prompting me for the things I needed to configure but still took about 3 steps. When I connected to the exchange server, the bottom left said "connecting..." while it was in send/recv mode. I don't recall what it said before but that looked different to me. In touchflo, the mail looks a little odd. It has gray borders for the name and the subject with gray or black text which is a little hard to read. I like the concept though. That's as far as I'll get tonight. It looks great and very responsive so far. Thanks Rob.
  7. I have the issue with the camera not launching. It is configured.. just not working with the long press. I haven't tried bluetooth yet but on initial use w/o it the battery is good. One question. how do you rotate the screen when you want to move from portrait to landscape?
  8. Reinstalling facebook did it. At one time, I'm sure I've tried installing FaceBook to My Storage so that could have had something to do with it. Waremike - I am on your Flotanium V2 DC22 ROM. I don't see FaceBook on the Today/Home screen; I was selecting it in the M2D2 section. So, is the normal thing to add "FaceBook" (or example) as an application on the CHome Application Add section?
  9. It should work that way but I had to reinstall CF03 in order to get DC22 to take..
  10. Flashed V2.. so far so good.. ms exchange sync worked fine. I did just realize that on the last version and this one.. Facebook isn't working. There is a gray bar across the screen when it launches.
  11. remember.. I had a connection issue on the first kevster dc22 version.. may still be the same issue.??
  12. Exchange worked for me. Only issue is the power drain.. I barely got to 5PM. I do some text messaging and a few calls. BT is enabled all day. I did set up weather to connect..
  13. random observations: tfdstartup is from an unknown publisher message had a yes / no option at bottom of screen couldn't select yes (or no) rebooted allowed me to use active sync to set up my exchange running XDA_UC, only have communicator to install took a while; actually disconnected data cable.. seemed to come alive. exchange did not sync while data cable connected (it did right after DC22 install, w/o custom ROM) went to start, messaging folder, messaging and selected send/receive "cannot connect" "cannot connect with current connection settings. To change..." reboot showcasesuite message saying it's from an unknown publisher. select 'yes' tfdstartup is from an unknown publisher... cannot connect.. Punting..
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