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  1. I am using titanium sense rosso. I found something (start / tools / fullscreen activate) but nothing changed at home screen.
  2. I have a problem. I cant update the weather (Im using Titanium Sense Rosso). I am from Larnaca, Cyprus (the code is MEA/CY/CYOO3/LARNACA) and all i get is a message "invalid location"
  3. I have a problem. I cant download widgets. When i try to do this i get the message "invalid device". Any help?
  4. Sorry Weirdo , but i dont understand something. What do i have to do at step 2?
  5. Is it possible to change the default programs for the alarm and calendar (m2d rom)?? I want to tab at "alarm" at home screen (m2d) and set alarm using the program "clock" and set new appointment using "touch calendar".
  6. can u give me the link for the new rom with default pagepool?
  7. Ihave a problem. The weather at home screen is different from the weather at "weather screen". How can i fix it???
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