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  1. eugene.d.fourie

    Connect I600 to internet over PAN connection with pc

    Hi, I have the same problem using an I900 Paired correctly, as I can send and recive files over bluetooth. Have done ICS using USB, so that works. I open ICS on the Omnia, click connect, and the on the XP Machine select 'Join a Personal Area Network'. It however prompts to search for the device, I search, and it returns nothing. Any assisstance would be appreciated. Thanx
  2. eugene.d.fourie

    Android on i900?

    I'd like to say - great effort firstly. I cannot contribute due to a lack of expertise. However - I was wondering if the launch of the Samsung i7500 will help this project at all, as this is a touch screen phone with Android OS.
  3. I want to first say - excellent job! I have used a cooked ROM of yours before - love it. I have now upgraded this ROM which updates the PDA firmware to IA5, but the only problem I am experiencing is that I can no longer make a video call using my Omnia.The dialer does not have the option,and "video call" is greyed out in contacts. Please suggest a fix? (I don't wanna reflash)

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