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  1. I think it is possible to update to imate SP3 software , but i am not sure! If someone had already try please give as an answer.
  2. For enter in service menu you must keep * key and power! with this menu you can make dump of full flash of your phone on mmc or sd card! Note: card must be at minimum 64Mb If any af you have at decode this phones and make them by codes i am interested in colecting dumps (pair with codes received by loggers)! If it is possible to read dumps before unlock the phone! [email protected] Thank you!!
  3. I made all the steps 3 times , and every time didn`t work! I have T9Romanian in menu, but when i select it , i can`t write anything!!! Where do i make mistake?
  4. where did all of you take this ROM? On I Mate site they ask for registration, and in registration process ask an Qtek imei! And with my spv imei i can`t register!
  5. sorry i made a mistake the ringing tone that i used i see now that it `s a wma!
  6. On my SPV C500 i noticed that after i upgrade it to version , i can not put mp3 as ringtone but before when it was version ( i think, don`t remember exactly the version) i could !
  7. Does someone have the Orange Romania Update for C500? On support page there isn`t for download, and i want it for the T9 editor that is present in it! Also can i flash my phone which is from orange france with it? Thank you
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