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  1. 1,alter the right button \HKLM\Software\HTC\Manila HomeRSKPath ( Program path ) HomeRSKText ( Name) 2,Weather problems i have altered the Chinese weather,so please install an Enlish weather patch
  2. i have indicated in the original post that this vesion was modified from XDA DARAN_CLRKE,Version 2.0 or not would be known after being installed, guessing won't be helpful
  3. This is my modified version of the original program from XDA, can now run on the I8000. Go here to see, but the website in Chinese :) http://www.kingmobile.net/bbs/thread-105514-1-1.html
  4. Smart Memo dosn't work~ ~~help~~~~~Does anyone have a Samsung Smart Memo Cab~
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