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  1. I was testing some apps on WM6.5 Emulator and I found this 'Contrast' at: Start -> Settings -> System. I ran it and I really liked it. It turns the screen very dark (good to use at low light conditions) So I decided to export it to Omnia2. Then I have searched at \windows folder, registry but no success to find where or what is it (I mean, a .dll or an .exe file) Has anyone know where/what is it? You can find the wm6.5 emulator here: http://www.microsoft.com/en-us/download/details.aspx?id=17284
  2. thanks, argentinos. i just increase fat32 partition (to seize the card size) and follow the size that you posted for swap and ext4. finally it works! now i'll test your rom. thanks a lot for your patience. i used this zimage. it is very simple and stops the white square blinking on android initialization: http://www59.zippysh...46100/file.html
  3. yes, I installed ver.3. i already tested all your versions (1, 2 and 3). in fact i always have this problem (no mount sd card) with all android roms. yep, I did exactly the procedure (step 16 too). i tested your v1 with different kernel, but now i'm using the kernel that you provide with your rom (v2 and 3) what i did: 1. used sdformatter to erase all partitions on sd card 2. open minitool 3. with minitool i can see that sd formatter formated the card as a FAT32. With FAT32 I can't create partitions (the option 'create' is not available) 4. so i used 'delete' option on minitool. now it shows the card is 'unmountted' and now i can create partitions. 5. then i created fat32, ext4 and swap. 6. install your rom (v.3) 7. open minitool again and delete unformatted part. now i have this: 8. run haret on winmo. android starts fine, but i get the message on android: "your sd card is damage. you need to format it". IF: a) i format it: i will lose all partitions (minitool shows me 7,6Gb card unmountted) and android don't run anymore with haret.exe; b.) i don't format: i can't install apps on android; c) i edit init.rc and vold.fstab files: the message disappear, but i still can't mount the card. so i tried to install your rom after use androidinstall.exe in winmo because it partitions the card fine (though reduce the total capacity of the card). and i have this after run androidinstaller: but it created a ext4 with 1024mb so it can't accommodate your rom. so i tried to edit setup.exe (Set ramsize 180*1024*1024) to 180*2048*2048 but it doesn't change anything. i also tried to partition the card in half: 4gb unmounted|fat32|ext4|swap or fat32|ext4|swap|4gb unmounted but no success. i really don't know whats happens. i already read about this problem here and on xda, but no solution works for me. any tip? just to note: i use sdhc 8gb class 6.
  4. what is the trick to android recognize the sd card (android always show a message that sd card damage and can't mount it)? i've changed init.rc (mount vfat /dev/block/mmcblk0p1 /sdcard) and vold.fstab (dev_mount sdcard /mnt/sdcard auto/devices/platform/s3c-sdhci.1/mmc_host/mmc1) but no success. in fact it just stop to show my card is damage, but I still can't mount it. winmo can't recognize either. minitool shows "E: unformatted 7,6Gb)" i can only mount the sdcard with o2betarom (with androidinstaller.exe to run in winmo). after i can see with minitools this:
  5. Great work! I changed "NTP_SERVER=europe.pool.ntp.org" to southamerica.pool.ntp.org and tested with NDrive. Perfect. Works like a charm. Thanks a lot, argentinos. A good freeware app to test gps: GPS Test (https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.chartcross.gpstest)
  6. my last shot: could you post what do you have on your settings at: HKLM/system/CurrentControlSet/gps intermediate driver/driver/samsung gps hardware
  7. No, nogarder appearing, but no message. (SUPL Flow etc.). iGo is fine. In 'standalone' mode it works pretty well (just spend much more time to find my position). To use the hack I have to do this: select 'standalone' -> boot -> go to nogarder -> select 'ms-based' -> select 'get position' -> ok (igo and nogarder). BUT, after a standby, igo can't find the gps (it doesn't mean track/find position; igo simply don't 'see' the gps on device) and nogarder don't find my position after 'get position'. What really intrigues me is why igo can't find the gps on device after a standby, because nothing was changed. Also why nogarder stop to track my position. I put nogarder running on background (so igo works fine). But it simply drain the battery in few hours.
  8. I'm using iGO8.3. I tried to rescan gps many times but no success. All gps/xtra settings are fine. I also tried to change the port but nothing. In fact, after a softreset, the hack works perfectly. But after a short standby, iGO and *#1472365# doesn't recognize the gps anymore.
  9. @argentinos: Today I updated my phone to JJ1 (sounds a good phone rom, with no problems at this time). The first time that I tried to use this hack with JJ1 it didn't work. So I did a softreset and it worked. Really impressive! I tested with iGO and it tracked/found my place in seconds (and today is light rain and totally cloud). I did few tests at now, but sometimes iGO does not recognize the gps. After a softreset it works. I am doing more tests to try to understand what's going on. Anyway, thanks a lot. It is a very decent hack. ;) Nogarder GPS found my location (picture attached), and I didn't get message: SUPL Flow: Unkown Status, SUPL Flow:SUPL START, SUPL Flow:SUPL POS INIT, SUPL Flow:SUPL POS, SUPL Flow:SUPL END(0).
  10. @argentinos: My rom is JI1, but my phone is JF1 (good one for brazil). Yep, I tried an internet data connection ON and no success. After, I tried with wifi connection. Same results. In fact, after this hack, my gps app (iGO8) did not recognize the gps (I got a message: 'gps could not found'). No port was changed (always on COM7). I tried 'MS-Assisted' instead 'MS-Based' but no success. And always with softreset (in fact, if I change to 'ms-assisted' and revert to 'standalone' the gps still not found by iGO; only after a softreset). I think the only reason to the hack did not work properly is the difference between phone versions (JF1 instead JJ1).
  11. @aafi-rocks: thanks a lot, dude! This hack really improves android experience on Omnia. ;)
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