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  1. I just upgraded from the omnia to the droid (not for free...) and no luck yet. I'm sure it will not be too long before someone makes and app for tethering though.
  2. I would just like to thank all of you who make custom roms for making my omnia experience a good one! I have moved on to the Droid and I must say it is pretty sweet. I am donating my omnia to my brother with the carbon omega rom that airreak put together along with the few themes I could get to work with it. I'm sure he will like it. no wifi routing or tethering on android... :) just a matter of time I suppose the samsung camera is better too.. ah well, can't win em all
  3. Any Idea how I get the clock to change? It doesn't matter what theme I try the clock never matches the one in the screen shots for the theme. I've tried putting each htchomesettings.xml in the windows folder and no luck.. I'm using an i910, not 900, but I don't think it should matter much... should it.
  4. No problems for me, best rom I've used yet. WIFI works perfectly. edit: looks like asphalt doesn't work.
  5. is it possible to change the dialer? I tried using one of techmaster's dialers and it does not change it, volume controls either.
  6. Got it working!! :) I noticed that the file said error, so I downloaded it again with no error and it seems to be working great. Weird that I was able to extract the bin file and install the rom with an error.
  7. The problem is not the ROM, it must be something with my phone. I flashed the 2.5.1 rom and same problem.. weird!! not really sure what to do from here.. any suggestions?
  8. It did not work for me.. at least holding the camera button did not open the camera..
  9. bummer... still not working. I thought it froze while going through the uc process and I reset it, maybe the uc process takes longer than I was thinking it would. My uc folder is empty now too.
  10. yep.. it was ms301 widgets from one of BW's roms I believe. I took them out of the uc folder and will flash again now.
  11. Uh oh... I am supposed to change the usb connection setting before flashing right? I cannot access the settings menu.
  12. First off, Thanks for all the ROMS, I've flashed between 15 and 20 times now and all of them seem to be better and better each time. I seem to be having trouble with this one though. The start flower does not bring up the programs screen. holding it does bring up showcase. I let xda uc do its thing, soft reset and now all I have is the home screen. Scrolling and all Chome features seem to be working fine. I'll try redoing the flash and see what happens.
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