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  1. Bad news (for me at least and perhaps others)... after a day the same thing happened with the second battery. Same as Jim. A day or two after that the phone could not be switched on at all. It's now getting fixed under warranty. A bit disappointing, especially since I bought it at Changi Airport in Singapore and now have to send it to Singapore from Oz to get fixed (won't make that mistake again!).
  2. UPDATE: I've been using the replacement battery for most of today with no problem. It must have been the battery. A little odd since the "faulty" battery is/was almost fully charged. Anybody experience something similar? I hope it doesn't happen with the other battery... Pretty lucky we're supplied with a replacement battery...
  3. Hi Everyone, A problem with my i780 just developed last night. For some reason it’s now turning itself off after ~20mins idle. The only way to revive it is to remove the battery, replace it and then turn the phone on again. No new apps were installed over the last week. Weird, unfortunately I reckon it’s a hardware issue. Anybody else with the same experiences? I have to say that apart from the problem above and the difficulty to read the screen in sunlight, I’m very please with the i780… only problem is that both of these issues are almost show-stoppers… Cheers, Matx.
  4. Hi, I've _almost_ sorted out the ability to open email and then send/receive with one push of a button. It works with one push when email is open in the background, but with two (repeated) button pushes most other times. Here's what I did: Step 1: I set up a shortcut file to open up my Yahoo account email. Just substitute the Yahoo name with your account name. Create a text file with the following text inside: 37#"\Windows\tmail.exe" -service "Yahoo" Rename the file to Yahoo.lnk (or what ever name you want but with .lnk as the extension). As far as I know it is not possible to open tmail.exe with a switch to send/receive email. Would be great if there was. Anyhow, it is for this reason I use MortScript (free PPC macro scripter) to create a macro. Step 2: Create a .mscr (MortScript) file with the following contents: Run "/Windows/Start Menu/Programs/Yahoo.lnk" WaitFor "Yahoo", 50 Sleep 500 MouseClick "Yahoo", 230, 318 Sleep 500 MouseClick "Yahoo", 230, 210 Of course the 'Run' command points to where you've placed the tmail.exe .lnk file and the "Yahoo" title must be replaced by the name of your email account window. Note that the 50 in the WaitFor command is in seconds and the 500 in the Sleep command is milliseconds. Step 3: Now create a shortcut, similar to Step 1, to the MortScript .mscr file and place it in the Start Menu/Programs directory and then use Settings/Buttons to assign the shortcut to a button. Problem: I've found this method to work (i.e. one button push) when tmail.exe is open in the background or when a few other programs are open (weird). However, if no other app is running I have to press once to load my email and then after it is open it is press again to send/receive email. It seems the script stops before the WaitFor or MouseClick commands. I've tried a Sleep command instead of a WaitFor command (my email account takes about 8 seconds to load) but it still doesn't work. I've also messed around with the WaitFor and Sleep timings. Any ideas? Cheers, Matx
  5. Hi there, I want to run a MS evb app on my MDA vario but I'm having trouble finding a version for WM5. Can someone post a link for the evb runtime if it is available? Cheers, Matx
  6. You could try mapping (no need for Vito buttonmapper for this) the explorer (top right front) button to OK/close inside settings>personal>buttons. Cheers, Matx.
  7. Hi All, I found a file in the windows directory of my Vario called elatepushservice.exe (there is also shortcut to it in the start up directory). What is this file? Does it mean that T-mobile has readied the Vario for push email? Or does it have another purpose? Cheers, Matx.
  8. Matx

    Task Manager/Switcher

    The only problem with SPB Pocket Plus is that it isn't freeware. It is so beneficial though I think I'll buy it (that is if I can't find a freeware replacement). The brilliant thing about it is that it has an Alt-tab feature. I've assigned this to top left side button to make it easy to switch between programs. The task manager in it (the close button feature) I've assigned to a long key press of the same button. The home screen plugin of SPB pocket plus is bloody useful too. I did manager to find a task manager built in to my vario: Settings > System > Memory > Running Programs. Too many button presses even if a shortcut to Memory could be made and even then the stylus is required to active and close programs. Cheers, Matx
  9. It sure is possible to assign a speed dial to two numbers. A related question is whether it is possible to assign a speed dial to launch a program like my old C500 smartphone. Is this possible? Matx
  10. Matx

    Vario won't boot

    When you did the hard reset, did a screen come up with white text on a black background (dos-like) asking you press the send key (i.e. the green phone key)? If not, you might not have done a hard reset. If you did do a hard reset, I wouldn't really have an clue of what to do, though I'm sure some one else would have more of an idea tham me.
  11. For me the most WM5 stable and most WM5 integrated app to enable one handed operation is SPB Pocket Plus. At least for quick and easy device navigation and program management. It may not help with making that appointment one handed though. Here's how I set up my buttons: Front top left button - set to start menu (double click also quickly gets to the today screen) Front top right - set to OK/Close Side top right - set to SPB Pocket Plus task switcher (like alt-tab) Side top right (hold) - set to SPBPP task manager (ie the SPBPP Close Button util with close all etc) The SPBPP home sceen also enables very quick app navigation. Cheers Matx
  12. Matx

    Task Manager/Switcher

    Problem sorted. SPB Pocket Plus does the job perfectly and it goes a long way to enabling one handed operation of my vario/wizard. Matx.
  13. Does anybody know of an app for WM5/Wizard that allows automatic connection and synchronisation of the phone with a BT enabled PC through Activesync? I'm after exactly the same functionality as the smartphone app BTautosync. BTautosync almost works with WM5 except it requires synchronisation through BT to be selected in the PPC activesync settings. This is not possible in WM5 as only sync through USB is selectable. Oh and BTautosync also crashes on start up of the Wizard. Cheers Matx
  14. Matx

    Task Manager/Switcher

    I've found PHM task manager to work so far as a task manager but it requires use of the stylus and isn't much use as a task switcher (like vBar or WisBar). Anybody find anything? Cheers Matx
  15. No problems with my vario. For one handed use I press the send button (the bottom left key - green phone button), the dial pad comes up on the screen, I use my thumb to press 3-4 of the first letters of the contact's name, use the direction pad to select the contact and finally use the send button to call. Hope this helps. Matx

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