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  1. May want to change the cube design, Valve may not be happy with a game that is using a copy of the Portal companion cube in a similar way.
  2. How old is the phone, generally Li-ion batteries have a life of around 500 charges so if you phone is a few years old it may need a new battery.
  3. Hi, one game that never made it to release, the Motorola MPX200 messed the plans a bit as it did not have a directional pad movement.
  4. Phone today all use the same USB specification so battery chargers of different makes will not cause any battery related issues. Not sure why you managed to dig up a post from five years ago?
  5. Hi, the problem you have is an older device and OS which unfortunately is not one of the more common devices so there may not be many members of the site that can answer your question as they will not be familiar with the app in question.
  6. I do still in perfect condition
  7. Unfortunately it happened a few years ago, we did post about it when it was discovered. Quite a few sites have had this happen to them, I've not had the email from this site but have from another with the ransom scam
  8. What happened to the ios release? not showing in the store?
  9. It's on 6 now, the score adds up when people like your posts.
  10. Hi, send me a message with the name you would like to use, I can change it for you.
  11. Hi Can you please add an English translation to your postsplease Thanks
  12. Guest

    Please delete my account, thanks
  13. Batteries over time will wear out and have a shorter life between charges. Li-ion batteries are made to last 500 charges so any more can be a bonus as most do last more.
  14. Still here, watching the site :-)
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