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  1. Unfortunately it happened a few years ago, we did post about it when it was discovered. Quite a few sites have had this happen to them, I've not had the email from this site but have from another with the ransom scam
  2. awarner

    [Game]Get ready for blast off on April 9th....

    What happened to the ios release? not showing in the store?
  3. It's on 6 now, the score adds up when people like your posts.
  4. awarner

    How to change username

    Hi, send me a message with the name you would like to use, I can change it for you.
  5. awarner


    Hi Can you please add an English translation to your postsplease Thanks
  6. Batteries over time will wear out and have a shorter life between charges. Li-ion batteries are made to last 500 charges so any more can be a bonus as most do last more.
  7. awarner

    Hello from an old forum user

    Still here, watching the site :-)
  8. If this is the topic in question that was reported yesterday it was removed due to it containing illegal software.
  9. awarner

    lumia 535

    There is not a flash player for Windows phone unfortunately but flash is becoming outdated so unlikely to become available.
  10. awarner

    Join the Honor Fan Club

    I've joined up to see the latest news and also hoping that you may release a Windows Phone 10 device
  11. awarner

    Other chargers = safe?

    Topic tidied up to keep discussion relevant, as Frankish says please play nice
  12. awarner

    Nokia Lumia 1320 – Not for the faint of hand

    not yet but nothing official is available at the moment but if they keep their word it should be
  13. awarner


    You need to give the thread title proper description not jus "?" and then explain what the screenshot is about as this does not mean anything at the moment.
  14. Topic closed at the request of the OP

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