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  1. How to disable the default lockscreen when using pointui? Even i off it in samsung " settings " it's still there. Had to double unlock the S2u2 and the wm lockscreen. Any way to off the default lock screen?
  2. Of cos you dont have problems if you only need 2 lang on your phone. FOr me.. i need english thai and chinese fonts. I installed chinese and thai fonts on my phone and it messes up my phone's fonts. Anyway i'm not complaining. Its the gary's decision whether he want to cook the european rom with the lang files for us. I'm just requesting if its possible for him to cook a rom on the european JC1 rom . If he doesn't cook i'll still be using his J3 rom because it can read mutiple lang. Anyway thanks Gary for your effort... i and many others really appreciate your hard work. Love your roms!!
  3. The phone hanged on me 3x using sk tools >< Seems to eat ram till 40mb+ after just fiddling around. But still a great rom :P :(
  4. Wow.. thanks for your nice rom :P Works perfectly.. no more problems with reading other languages on my phone and what a eye candy! Cheers
  5. Hi Gary, hope you have time to complete the JC1 rom based on the european one. I'm still using your JB3 rom. Chinese roms have problems with fonts and doesn't seem to suit some CSC. With your JB3 rom.. i have no problems reading thai or chinese lang from my phone.
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