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  1. OK, I have made some progress here. I have reset the Linksys back to all defaults, and switched off all WEP security. I adjusted the Network Card settings rather than trying to do it from within the Sandisk Card management programme DHCP is working and I can surf, but it is not secure - yet
  2. Yes, I agree it is the DHCP, hence the 169 address. Not sure if I am missing something fundamental, but I can't see anywhere that I can set a static IP, all the boxes are greyed out and I can't find a config screen. Personally I would be perfectly happy to use static IP's Interesting comment about the Sandisk, all my initial research indicated that the Sandisk was the better device. Do you know how to set up the static IP? Also, the green light is on solid. It is also declaring the correct MAC address of the AP, so I know it is connecting - sort of. I am using a LinkSYS AP
  3. At first I tried the Sandisk Wi Fi + 256Mb ram card, and this definetly does not work. I now have the basic Sandisk Wi Fi card but I just can not get it to work. I am using a LinkSys AP. It does find the AP and it does connect, but the problem appears to be on DHCP. I am using a 192. IP address, but my device is being allocated a 169 address - allthough if I use some IP shareware it is reporting as The most frustrating bit for me is that is appears as though Sandisk have a huge start on the market here, but there tech support in the UK (and on their .com website) ABSOLUTELY SUCKS Any help appreciated
  4. I have an SPV M1000, and what I would like to do I believe should be very straightforward but I can't seem to get it right. I am using ActiveSync and I would like to get all my contact info on to a PC in CSV format, make some changes etc and then drive it back in
  5. I had a problem with this as well, ended up with a grey screen saying "serial V1.03" Reset doesn't work either, it is dead. Orange are shipping me a new phone tomorrow! Doubt it is related, but my XP Pro based PC that I was using to do the upgrade gave me the blue screen of death when I rebooted it immediatly after! That is now also dead
  6. Yes Baffy, please confirm which WIFI card you are using as I have been advised the the SANDISK WIFI plus 256Mb Ram model does not work in the M1000
  7. I will visit the URL you recommend, thanks. Actually I split each posting up in to the different areas of interest specifically to avoid the confusion ...
  8. Yes, that is exactly the card I am interested in. Pity it doesn't work, as it looks the biz. Any ideas on an alternative?
  9. I posted a similar topic for the SPV M1000. There is an update on the Orange site an I had exactly the same problem - running XP pro. Interestingly, I did exactly what is proposed here, and rebooted my PC. Got the blue screen of death on my PC now. Not sure if it was because I disarmed the firewall - I doubt it as I made sure I unplugged the broadband connection first, or if it is entirely a coincidence or ...
  10. I knackered my orange M1000 yesterday and Orange are sending me a new one tomorrow morning (17th August), I am happy to do it first off before I set up my phone, so you have basically a 1 day window. Mail me on [email protected] if you get this and I will give it a whirl
  11. Can anyone advise just how similar the M1000 is to the XDA from a hardware perspective. I am specifically interested in the SANDISK WIFI card (SD I/O) and also a car charger. Sandisk have a new card which looks good as it also has 256Mb RAM, but there are a few notes at the bottom of the page on their website about compatibility with the XDA. M1000 is not even mentioned. Anyone know if this card works on the M1000?
  12. Ultimately I am hoping to achieve a connection to our company VPN using GPRS. What I have achieved / found so far is: I cannot get the VPN to even come close to working using Orange GPRS, but I do get better results using a cell line and dialing up my ISP and then creating a VPN connection. There are 2 types of VPN connection available, namely PPTP and IPSec. I have had no joy with IPSec whatsoever, and looking at the settings available on the basic IPSEC client software in the operating system (PPC 2003) I doubt it will work to be honest. I have looked at Movian VPN client, and I think we will get that to work, but we are still a long way off Using PPTP (basic client in the OS) I have found: 1. We cannot connect to our VPN server, which is a Multitech RF600VPN, which uses a Linux Kernel. There are very few settings available on PPTP, so I am not sure there is a whole lot we can try, but I believe the problem is in the authenticaion process, as I am getting activity on the logs on my VPN server 2. If I set up an XP Pro machine as a PPTP VPN server, I can connect no problem. Using a Microsoft PC as a VPN server just does not sit comfortably with me at all!! 3. I have failed to find any 3rd party PPTP VPN client software Anyone out there further advanced that I am?
  13. I saw some good postings on IRDA and connecting to a laptop using XP Pro. I am using a Dell Inspiron laptop that has integrated Bluetooth and I just can not get these devices to communicate. I have a connection between my 6310i and laptop using bluetooth and it works sweetly, so I am satisfied that the bluetooth on the laptop will work The 6310i comes with a disk (nokia) that sets up the bluetooth utilities, so maybe that is why I found that easy, but there is NOTHING about bluettoth connecting to a laptop using M1000. Anybody out there cracked this?
  14. I am a newbie on this site, but it looks very good. I will post quite a few topics that I have worked on over the last 3 weeks evaluating the M1000 for our mobile workers. Firstly, a warning. I have expereinced some difficulties with Bluetooth connectivity, so I was delighted when I saw there was an OS upgrade on offer on the Orange website. I can't say for sure what went wrong, but about halfway through the upgrade the screen went blank, followed by a grey screen that says "Serial V1.03" Basically the phone is now knackered - Orange sending me a new one tomorrow, Reset won't work. I was running from a PC XP Pro I am not suggesting that this will happen to all, but perhaps if it happens enough we may identify a bug
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