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  1. no, i dont mean this ^^... i mean, they know the MCC of canary islands, but android detects canary islands and it doesnt put the MCC of it, coz its mobile COUNTRY code, and canary islands aren't a country, SPAIN is the country of canary islands ^^... but canary islands and spain dont share the same time zone ;).. thats the real problem about this ^^
  2. Hi, i just wanted to know why when i post sthing it appears my e-mail and not my nickname.. which was "UnD" any1 could help me? ;)...
  3. yeye im so sure about this, thats what a google worker told to me when i reported issue, its not giving him a bugreport of my phone "really", its just to do a bugreport of any HTC phone located in Canary Islands ^^ Its a bug about Time Zone Canary Islands got London time zone, i mean GMT +0 But canary islands belong to Spain, which got GMT +1 HTC's bug is that they put Canary Islands on GMT +1 They explained me how it works, that every country got a MCC (mobile country code), and canary islands belong to spain, so they told me to give them a bugreport so they can find the MCC and any other data that can be useful ^^ lets try this !
  4. :'( im just a noob.. whats plug in? u mean connect to PC? and set up adb, how? i installed sthing called sdk or sthing like this, but dont know where's the ADB thingie.. ;) and i dont even know how to execute adb bugreport hehe...
  5. Hi, i just found an error in ALL google devices that can be solved. I reported it to google and they told me to send them an ADB Bugreport to them. I found that is sthing related to SDK manager or sthing like that, but im just a NOOB in all about mobile phones... really i dont even know basic things etc. but well.. the bug is about Time Zone in a particulary place, so sorry for all that want help too ;)! its about Canary Island, that got GMT +0 time zone, like london, and what google devices do is saying that Canary Island are "Spain" time zone; GMT +1 Could any1 tell me how to do it..? please im a NOOB, need "normal" words hehe.. thanks !!!
  6. Hey, ive got this device sice march, and ive never tried youtube. i tried it today but it says that no server was found.. i configured all things so that they connect via-INTERNET and all things.. but still it says: Buffering.. and 30sec later, "no server found" please help! i instaled some programs like Spb Mobile shell... maybe it could help. greetings !
  7. does it improve or make something? im thinking on installing it ^^
  8. Hi, i just installed Spb Mobile Shell 3, so i wont use anymore the panels. So i was wondering if having them consumes battery... does it? if it does, how to remove them completely? Another thing is; im searching a RADIO app for my device, because there was a radio panel, but now with Spb i wont use it, so.. im trying to find ^^ Other thing ^^ I always use the QWERTY keyboard... so i was wondering if i could make the touch-keyboard not to appear automatically, i just want it, but i want it HIDDEN, and if i want to use it, then i click and go, HOW to do this??? Last one: where to find nice games for this device? i got the Xrakt and love it, but i am in search of another ones that work with xperia. some told me, all games that work in WM work with xperia, but i was thinking on that all devices doesnt have same screen size so... is it true? thank you very much !!!

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