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  1. XBmod ROM 7720 V 1.01 for HTC 7 Pro,Gold. With XBmod Rom you can send cutom cab packages to device.The packages modify the rom itself so they stay in place even after a reset and can update any part of the rom (SLDR,NK,LOGO...) and update the build without reflashing the Device.we believe that this process is the simplest way: -for users to customize the rom as they likes & avoid constant reflash for update. -for developer to try differents tweaks-for cookers to send their own corrective packages,without need to recook and reflash! -for any developpers and designers to make custom packages for WP7 community. XBmod ROM 7720 v1.01 for HTC 7 Pro, Gold
  2. NAVIGON select Premium Edition 3.0.1321 Changes since previous version: 1. Weather bug fixes (now in landscape mode the weather looks as good as on portrait, the primary image isn't cropped any more). 2. Fixed the problem of region changer (used to crash on region changing. I tested AUS maps without any problem at all). I hope that everything works ok now for all regions!!! 3. Added a new menu on first page "Available Maps" (the same menu exists on the android version), which can be used to partialy download new content (if you select it without first connect your device to zune... it will download all content again from the official servers... so just be careful). 4. ... and last but not least... the new main page... (v4 look and feel). XDA
  3. [DFT Freedom ROM] Mango 7720 Gold Custom ROM DFT proudly presents Frist Mango 7720 Build Custom ROM This is First Fully unlocked Custom ROM for all HTC operator devices which support by RSPL/HSPL operator,you can flash any time after you install our RSPL/HSPL. This release [DFT Freedom ROM] supports 22 languages(one USA_CHT_CHS_JPN_KOR rom and one 18 langs(USA_ENG_FRA_ITA_GER_ESN_NLD_DAN_FIN_NOR_SVE_ PTB_PTG_RUS_ELL_HUN_CSY_PLK)in one rom which is 1)USA_CHT_CHS_JPN_KOR, 2)USA_ENG_FRA_ITA_GER_ESN_NLD_DAN_FIN_NOR_SVE_PTB_ PTG_RUS_ELL_HUN_CSY_PLK. This 2 ROM driver base from RUU_Gold_S_HTC_Europe_3.02.401.01_Radio_5.69.09.29 a_22.50.50.21_Signed_GOLD_RELEASE.exe and cooked with Mango 7720 build and remove some of operator's(T-Mobile,AT&T,Telstra) own apps just left HTC apps. Please note this ROM WILL NOT update new version of OS via Zune , we are working on this before we done will contiune release new version of Mango if we can get it.
  4. HTC 7 Gold final Mango RTM build 7720 RUU_Gold_S_HTC_Europe_3.02.401.01_Radio_5.69.09.29 a_22.50.50.21_Signed_GOLD_RELEASE WARNING: do not flash if you have HSLP installed, your device be bricked. reverse to original SPL first.
  5. RIFF JTAG – HTC Unbrick, Unlock, IMEI Repair and CID Update also upgrade with compatible ROM supported Worldwide list where you can do this
  6. Changes: 1. Added Leshy06's mod (Thank's for it body!! ) that enables Navigate-To-Map. 2. Added multiple destinations (you will find it in the AppBar of the panorama page, just before traffic info). You can add / remove / rearrange as many destinations as you want on the same route. You can add destinations by entering address or selecting from favorites/recents (pois are comming soon). In addition you can save those routes (the exact same functionality as on Android version) for later use. 3. Added weather information (you'll find it in in the destination confirmation page for now). Ok ok... I know it's not a must-have feature, but... it's a handy one! 4. Fixed a minor bug (on new installation only) where the default options (3D, safety cams, etc) are not checked on first run. 5. It's confirmed that tunnel navigation is working (thank's sensboston for the test) - not perfect, but it's a step forward. Just put "Brunnel.nfs" of your region in the data folder to enable it. 6. Fixed a major bug on Weather (application crashed when no internet connection). I hope you enjoy this build. EDIT: Uploaded the latest build (1311) with weather properly working. XDA
  7. new 5x Mango custom ROM added to list [DFT Freedom ROM] Mango 7714 GOLD Custom ROM About DFT Freedom ROM for Gold see here This ROM replace mango 7714 OS from Previous ROM "multitasking" has been achieved Wifi can not find the hidden features Must use version 4.8 ZUNE Sync Live is normal, download the xap from Market is normal support 22 languages 1)USA_CHT_CHS_JPN_KOR, 2)USA_ENG_FRA_ITA_GER_ESN, 3)USA_NLD_DAN_FIN_NOR_SVE, 4)USA_PTB_RUS_ELL, 5)USA_HUN_CSY_PLK.
  8. new custom ROM added to list [Custom ROM]RUU_Gold_HTC_Europe_1.24.401.01_Radio_5.65.09.25a_ by ansar
  9. new 5x Mango custom ROM added to list [DFT Freedom ROM] Mango 7713 GOLD Custom ROM support 22 languages 1)USA_CHT_CHS_JPN_KOR, 2)USA_ENG_FRA_ITA_GER_ESN, 3)USA_NLD_DAN_FIN_NOR_SVE, 4)USA_PTB_RUS_ELL, 5)USA_HUN_CSY_PLK.
  10. Source: XDA forum Dear forum members, YES!!! I successfully created my 1st custom ROM for the HD7 Windows Phone with the new HSPL by cotulla I used as a base this ROM: RUU_Schubert_HTC_Europe_1.69.401.01_Radio_5.54.09. 21_22.33b.50.10_NoDo_by_ansar The custom build has the ability to be unlocked and to upgrade to MangoB2 thru zune In my next build i will try to include mango and dfrouter for those not sync to zune Thanks to my giant friends ervious, mamaic, bepe and cotulla I hope to upload it today [edit: done] and some day to create an hspl too!! This ROM supports: - Chevron unlock and - MangoB2 update to 7403 and 7712 and does not include SPL in order HSPL to be retained All other elements are as in stock relevant ROM of version HTC_Europe_1.69.401.01_Radio_5.54.09.21_22.33b.50. 10U /////////////////////////////////////////////// Important Note 1: - This ROM is addressed to and thoroughly tested for the HTC_Europe operator with CV 401 ONLY /////////////////////////////////////////////// Important Note 2: - Just wait, ROMs will be created for all RSPL/HSPL supported devices / operators /////////////////////////////////////////////// To install the ROM follow these steps: - install RSPL and select 1.69 - install HSPL - unzip the downloaded zip file and run ROMUpdateUtility.exe To update in MangoB2 you must in your PC/Laptop: - download my NoDo_Public_by_ansar.zip and Mangob2_Public_Trial_by_ansar.zip - uninstall WPSupportTool-x86.msi or WPSupportTool-x64.msi and - install Setup-UpdateWP-x86.exe or Setup-UpdateWP-x64.exe - install StartZuneLocal.exe To retain Chevron unlock on MangoB2 in 7403 perform the following in windows phone: - Uninstall Connection Setup after ROM flashing - Sign in to Windows Live and 1. Run Marketplace, select HTC Apps and select Connection Setup 2. After relevant prompt Power off and then Power on your device - Repeat above 1 and 2 to install Connection Setup - Deploy my Unlock_Mango_XBMODDeployer.xap - Run XBMOD.Files.Deployer and uninstall it - Deploy TouchXplorer.xap - Run TouchXplorer and copy CustClear.provxml from My Documents\My Ringtones\ to \Windows - Remember: do not run Connection Setup now - Update to MangoB2 7403 - Now run Connection Setup - Check that you are unlocked by running TouchXplorer To retain Chevron unlock on MangoB2 7712 perform the following in windows phone: - Deploy my Update_Mango_XBMODDeployer.xap - Run XBMOD.Files.Deployer and uninstall it - Deploy my Unlock_Mango_XBMODDeployer.xap - Run XBMOD.Files.Deployer and uninstall it - Run TouchXplorer and copy CustClear.provxml from My Documents\My Ringtones\ to \Windows - Remember: not run Connection Setup now - Update to MangoB2 7712 - Wait for update to finish - Now disconnect from usb cable and enter SIM pin - Uninstall Connection Setup - Run Marketplace, select HTC Apps - You maybe wait some minutes for Connection Setup to appear - When Connection Setup appears install it - Now run Connection Setup - Check that you are unlocked by running TouchXplorer Till next version enjoy!! Regards, ansar
  11. Source: XDA forum DarkForcesTeam proudly presents RSPL / HSPL for phones HTC WP7 First Generation. (Short name is “WP7F”) This is first big step to customization and community development for these devices. This release supports 5 languages: WWE, GER, RUS, CHS, CHT. Read the next few messages for more information. This release supports this WP7F devices: *Gold (HTC Pro 7,T7575) *Mozart (HD3,T8697,T8698,T8699) *Mondrian (Surround,T8788) *Spark (Trophy,T8686) *Schubert (HD7, T9292,T9295,T9296) Most of these devices have several MIDs (ModelID, looks like “PC921000”). Current release supports only some limited number of MIDs. This was designed to minimize possible harm to user’s devices. List of supported MIDs: Gold: “PC92****”, “PC921000” Mozart: “MOZA1000”, “PD67****”, “PD671000”, “PD671200” Mondrian: “PD26****”, “PD261000”, “PD261100” Spark: “PC401000” Schubert: “PD29****”, “PD291000”, “PD291100” !Please note that on SPL screen MID is only 7 symbols, without last one.! Programs stops any operations if unknown MID detected. If your device have unknown MID, please report about it in this thread. Specify your MID, device name, ROM versions. It’s nice, if you can give a link to download ROM. This release does NOT support these WP7F devices: *GoldC (Arrive) *SparkW (Trophy Verizon) These devices are not supported because they are missing at the current moment in DFT team. Please don’t even try to use this release with them – it may brick your phone or make it unusable. Basic stuffs to know: SPL is Secondary Program Loader. It allows to flash ROMs to device. Without working SPL device is fully bricked, you can’t restore it. It’s why all operations with SPL are dangerous. OSPL is Original SPL. This SPL comes with stock ROM and doesn’t allow to flash custom stuffs. RSPL is Reloaded SPL. It load only to RAM, so it doesn’t persistent. It’s enough to soft reset device to get OSPL back. HSPL is Hard SPL. It’s permanently flashed to internal device memory and replaces OSPL. After soft reset you still have HSPL instead of OSPL. This release consists from RSPL and HSPL wizards. For regular users, who flash ROMs rather rare, it can be enough to use only RSPL. For advanced users and ROM makers, it can be useful to install HSPL. IMPORTANT NOTES 1. Before doing any operations be sure you have battery level more than 50%! Sometimes in SPL mode WP7F devices DO NOT charge. You may got a cold brick if it power down during SPL or RADIO update! 2. Stock RUU ROMs have two NBH inside, SPL_Signed and RUU_Signed. So it's not possible directly flash stock ROM, you need extract files and remove SPL_Signed.nbh at least. 3. Rememeber if you have HSPL and you flashing stock RUU_Signed.nbh you lost HSPL! 4. Supported OS: Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7. Warranty Issues Be warned, using RSPL may void your warranty. If you need to send your device to a Repair Centre, make sure that it looks like stock! Install stock official ROM before go to Repair Centre. Disclaimer This product is free to use at your own risk. We take no responsibility for any conflict, fault, or damage caused by this procedure. No warranties implied or otherwise, are given if you agree to use this product. No problems were found while testing this product on several different devices, your experience may vary. Use of the Product for commercial purposes is strictly prohibited. It’s not allowed to make changes to this package; it must be distributed as original release. Official DFT site (Chinese)
  12. no... is glued (covered) with some sort of rosin... is not hard glued, very easy to remove, just be careful to not damage flat cable attached to case
  13. REGION AU and NZ (Australia and New Zealand) So excited, finally i've made Navigon 3.0 working with AUS and NZ maps(all data filesets got from Android 3.6.0 Aus version). step by step: 1. get AUS and NZ data filesets from Android Navigon V3.6.0 for Aus. pls google "navigon 3.6.0 aus apk", install and run in your Android phone, it'll download Aus and NZ data files from internet to \sdcard\Navigon(about 670MB, so i can't upload). copy data,map,poi,sound from sdcard to your pc. use these files to replace all EU files(of course you can also delete all files of EU firstly). 2. install xap to your WP7, download data from kounadisk web server. XDA
  14. NAVIGON select Premium Edition 3.0.1304 Fixed problem with Google search... When something is wrong on application startup (map problem, data problem, etc) the application will show the real initialization error (if it's possible) and not the "2 year" message... I hope this one helps all of you who are "playing" with different filesets! Added more (and more) translations (from the android version) and the corresponding resx files if anyone is willing to complete the translations... some more minor improvements... XDA custom fix to enable start navigation to destination point when click on 2D map
  15. 1. Enabled real road signs. 2. Changed (a lot) the region changer, which now is a lot "smarter": - Now it lists ONLY the regions for the maps that you have deployed. For example if you have both EU and NA maps, the list is filled only with these 2 values. - Basic information about your maps is displayed just below the regions list (map name, region and release) so that you can easily check which maps work with any region. - The region changer not only patches NaviKernelConf to the correct region, but also patches features_list with the missing maps (I hope this one solves the problem with Australian map, etc). 3. Changed the download process (I saw in a post about landmarks, etc) so that you can have as many subfolders as you like. You can now test everything you want. 4. Added Italian translation. 5. Minor fixes in NavigonContent. XDA topic
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