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  1. Hi; please somebody help me!! I dont have my storage(I lost it) then I download other sd-cpio.zip and replace it with the old one I run the haret.exe from the folder then it said that install will continue on sd card at last it said that ''cant mount external sd'' and ''no ext2.tr.gz to continue install and reboot the phone my sd card mounting externalsd memory as mmcblk1p1 ... but mine is mmcblk0p1 how could I change that ?
  2. Is it possible to connect to the Internet by i8000 with a computer ? In order to use the gprs? I install the driver like other phones but I cant connect to the internet by my laptop!!!!!!!
  3. please put some rapidshare or 4share link if it is possible!!! for english
  4. how can I download it sir? do you have rapidshare link? I cant Complete the puzzle to proceed.
  5. my dear: where can I download the files for driver and wm6.1 for my i600with this version:i600jpgh2 I will glad if you help me!! thanks for you cooperation
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