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  1. i have the mp3 that i used as ringtones on the My Memory folder it works fine for notifications and ringtones hope it helps
  2. cute... except for the font you used for "All in One phone"
  3. i have a desktop pc, a laptop, my omnia and a nokia 5800 all conected thru wi-fi, to internet thru a ADSL router and using Network Magic i even can use resco file explorer to get into the pc thru the Omnia
  4. can you make a 'slap cristiano ronaldo' version? <_< just kiddin
  5. i'm sorry but, who's buying his son an Omnia? or, which child has a credit card to buy through paypal a registered version?? or is the parents that are buying that license to their son's phone? anyway, i want those parents!!!
  6. is there any tutorial on how to create / modify, for example, an analog clock or digital clock? i mean, i want to make my own clock, and my own weather icons, or diferent images for the email/sms widget is that even possible? thx!
  7. thx i deserved it, i guess... anyway, i've got back to the previous non-commercial version of GAlarm thx for the pointer
  8. hi i've got the 6488 spb shell build installed and i installed also the latest g-alarm no when i tried the 'trick' to have it combined with spb shell, it messed everything up i mean, when i tap into the alarm, it opens g-alarm, but when i tried to tap on any g-alarm function (config, new alarm, whatever) it get's me back to the lifestyle screen anyone had this issue? any idea to solve it?
  9. would be great to have the icon's names in a different colour
  10. got a question i just flash my mobile and lost the configuration for data transfer (internet, mms, etc) now, i tried to restore some files from an old backup i've got i did manage to get the configuration back, but also got some config back from other apps that are not in the phone right now so it's all messed up my question is, is there a file where i can find that config without messing up the whole phone? i know there should be, but there are lots of files that i can't open to 'see' inside thx
  11. has anyone been able to change the color of the font from the icons on the lifestyle screen?
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