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  1. Another batch of apps are on the US site, giving away 2000 coins ($20 worth?). :)
  2. Amazing, thanks Paul. I've also followed the process on the US store and bagged $13.00 worth of coins. I just wish there was a way to have both my amazon (.co.uk and .com) app stores on my phone at the same time.
  3. Well, mine arrived today. I was a bit sceptical at first as the packaging left a lot to be desired. Basically the tablet came in a jiffy bag with the charger, usb and usb flash drive cables all loose. However once I fired the tablet up I was pleasantly suprised. I've not used it in anger yet but it certainly seems snappy and the screen is nice and bright. The touchscreen is very responsive too. For £50 and as an Xmas present for my 6 year old, it definatelyt beats the [email protected] I bought her from V-Tech last year.
  4. Do the UK and US app stores offer a different free app of day? If so is there any way to have access to both, as far as I know it's not possible to have two versions of the app signed into to different accounts.
  5. Or is it possible to run them both side by side, as I'm sure they'll feature different apps of the day.
  6. SGS2 Rooted and customer ROM (Omega v11.1). Tried to order a pi when announced, but I might have a better chance here.
  7. As a test I changed the cc to a test amex account and that works without the need for the VPN. (as mentioned above) but when switching back to a visa, it needs the VPN. Never thought I'd have need of an amex account :-)
  8. Still works for me if I connect using my Private VPN (from Modaco Plus). Otherwise the app fails to authenticate. I wonder if the latest update checks for the region.?
  9. Paul, any chance of including options to disable the various vibrates like you have for sounds, such as connection of charger and power off. Does this ROM / Kernel include USB host support? I bought a dongle from eBay but can't get it to work properly with Gr5 so I was wondering if either the dongle was faulty or just not supported. The dongle works for attaching USB drives but not keyboards / mice.
  10. For data usage I suggest 3G Watchdog (or the pro version for more functions) or Cell Counter (this mointors WIFI too), both are free from the market.
  11. Have you tried NoLock available in the market. You can turn the lock screen off altogether and toggle via a home screen widget.
  12. As ever a great job by Paul. :) Now for my usual request, any chance of getting rid of the power off vibrate, ( :angry: ) please.
  13. Hmm, registered my Tab yesterday and got the game and book codes, but no movies. :D
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