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  1. harrysaab

    Panels on Touch HD - installer!

    will these panels work on HTC Touch Diamond?
  2. u can try this rom http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=408109
  3. harrysaab

    HTC Diamond on Orange

    diamond still out of stock at orange :D anyone know when they will be in stock?? i can't wait any longer
  4. harrysaab

    graphite keeps crashing

    no wen i do facory restart there are no extra programs installed to give problems but still freezes, its running wm6. i dont use o2 menu as its not there in wm6 rom update, it only came up when it was running wm5.
  5. hi i am having problems with graphite, it keeps freezing at random time intervals, does anyone know what could be wrong? i have tried to do factory resit but still have the same problem, its really annoying, as sometimes it freezes at text msgs or calls or just on standby.... :D anyone experienced this on their graphite please tell me the solution... thanks in advance.. harry
  6. harrysaab

    Help with filling questionnaire

    many thanks guys hey neil wil u be able to help with some of work as my submission date is 1st may and i need to do Literature review and i needed some help with this and how u should go about doing this. my initial title was 'media services on mobile phone networks' but my 2nd supervisor did not understand project terms so said u should have a title in a form of a question which u r trying to find out, like ending with ? mark. so i changed it to 'what is gender perferences of using mobile phones?' also il be talking about media services/mobile tv etc in the report. any help or pointers would be much appreciated. cheers.
  7. harrysaab

    Help with filling questionnaire

    Hi I am final year university student who is doing a final year research project on field of mobile phones, the title of project is 'What is Gender Preferences of using mobile phones?' The aim is to find out if male and females have different choices of mobiles and services/features they use on the mobiles, so I can give guidelines and recommendations to operators/mobile companies when designing mobiles or services to target male/female genders differntly. Please help me fill out this questionnaire it will take you less than a 1 minute and there are only 14 questions to answer, mostly tick boxes Here is the link to my online questionnaire: https://www.smart-survey.co.uk/v.asp?i=5034...p;m=&tiag=1 (amended questionnaire, first one was like pilot study) Thanks in advance.
  8. harrysaab

    skyfire browser on S710?

    i signed up for beta can't wait to use it now :)
  9. harrysaab

    max memory card

    Hi just bought i320 and it didnt come with any card, wondering what is max capacity of card i320 can take? what are you people using? 8gb is out aswell and im thinking if it can support that much or not?? cheers
  10. harrysaab

    WM6 on i320

    does anyone know when wm6 will be available for i320 or samsung wont release it???? i love wm6 as i have it on HTC VOX
  11. hi can u give the link again please as this is not working. i need it urgenlty thanks
  12. harrysaab

    Test VITO programs

    audio notes on htc s710 vox does not record the caller voice same as speaker, e.g. my voice is higher and the other person who is calling is very low, can hardly hear it. ;) it works fine on o2 xda graphite wm6.
  13. mine died aswell i got asian and uk version graphite, when i ran the update utility with uk version and once the update screen came, i swapped the phones, it installed the update and it says follow instructions on the phone screen, but there was nothing, it died now ;) does anyone know how to reset it or how do i get to bootloader now... or get new o2 uk rom update firmware? cheers
  14. how do i get to bootloader in graphite?
  15. anyone know where i can get graphite rom for UK? as mine is from hong kong, so when i try to run update for wm6 it says 'this is not xda graphite device'. many thanks

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