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  1. What a shame that everything these days has to go through twatter or facebracket. I wonder if advertising these is gaining some revenue....
  2. I got this message trying to download from the link to the CAB. "vBulletin Message Invalid Attachment specified. If you followed a valid link, please notify the administrator " Maybe this thread?: http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread...ight=srs+wow+hd
  3. what you are trying to do here is spoof an email address. this is likely to cause problems getting through spam filters and id likely to get your account blacklisted. it's the kind of thing spammers and phishers do, very dodgy. I would see your it department and ask if you can get access to your emails on your phone by exchange or another method.
  4. I noticed this behaviour when I first got the phone and I was testing applicatios. I found JWMD icon changer and that had a alphabetical sort. I did that and noticed any new apps appear at the end of the list. I'm going to try the sorter app above to see if there's any autosort option but I think I like the way It's done at the moment as its easy to find new apps. any regular apps get launched from quicklinks so I normally don't use start menu.
  5. The links for these Radios don't seem to work anymore. I need to find something for my home reception on Virgin UK. can you install a radio without affecting what's already on the device or is it like a ROM upgrade? will it void the warranty?
  6. I'm not sure why you're getting this problem. I have a Virgin HD2 direct from virgin and it works with Vodaphone and Orange UK networks. does the phone configure the new network when you put it in in first time? if not this may be the problem. I found I can get ROM updates from HTC using my serial but other networks tend to be only able to get there's from network. try your serial on htc.com and if it is not valid it sounds like it's not a virgin phone.
  7. It depends how you want it configured. One installer does them all, just go to battconfig once it is installed. Use the +/- buttons to alter settings. Here are my settings if you want to start with them: Content 12h:mm Battery% CPU% 17 17 17 (first 3 set which counters to show, next 3 are the font sizes for each) Location X -114 Y 1 W 72 H 48 (positions the counters - i extended the width to cover existing clock or battery) Colors B 20 50 (sets min and max ranges for the set colors) Separator : (sets the seperator between hours and minutes on clock) Edit: screenshot added
  8. It looks like device centre doesn't automatically setup exchange, you would have had to do it manually by going to device centre, choose mobile device settings and then sync wirelessly with exchange server. Must be some other problem, may be the USB to PC setting that caused problems for my diamond in 6.1 after a while. It had enabled use advanced connectivity or something like that. When I disabled the setting ActiveSync (I had XP at the time) started working normally. Try Settings > More > All Settings > Connections > USB to PC. Under ActiveSync there is an option to Enable faster data synchronisation. Try unticking that.
  9. with Vista you have to use device centre. I have windows7 with device centre so I'll test later and let you know how mine is setup
  10. Point 3 - I'm not sure what you mean by this. I have SWYPE and the HTC keyboards and switch between the 2 without major problems. HTC Full QWERTY has numbers along the top. SWYPE has numbers along the top if you hit the SYM key once but if you hit it twice (SYM then 123) it goes into calculator layout. Hit the ABC and it will go back to QWERTY. I think you may have gone back to Compact QWERTY instead of Full QWERTY? Point 4 - I use battclock which I got from xda developers ( http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=612083 ). This puts the Battery percentage and time 1 above the other in a space on the taskbar that you choose. I put this over the windows battery icon as it looks like it is a pain to get both clock and battery any other way. You can also get 3rd row showing memory or cpu usage.
  11. Usually by default when you setup a new partnership you will see that "Synchronise directly with Microsoft Exchange Server" is ticked. Untick it and follow the wizard as normal. Microsoft Exchange Server is used by companies to manage their emails and not all companies support synchronising directly with the server.
  12. I don't like the idea of paying around £20 for a stylus that I will probably break if I take it anywhere. The end piece looks like it would snap fairly easily if you had it in your pocket or bag. All the aftermarket ones that I've seen have a flat end and tell you to use it flat on the screen for it to work properly but they look too big to get any precision. Has anyone tried the Pivot iPhone one posted above? Is it branded at all (I'd hate to have an iPhone or Apple branded stylus)?
  13. I think there are some paid for and some freeware apps for this but I just use Microsoft MyPhone to backup my texts. You can view them online through the myphone website.
  14. I prefer not to use twitter. I go to this page instead which has details about the apps: http://hd2apps.blogspot.com/ I haven't tried any yet and some of the downloads are paid apps so I'm not sure if these are warez yet.
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