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  1. Hmm, what location do you get (name of the .sdp file), and is your media a 3GP file?
  2. I noticed a few online stores carrying a device Called the PocketSurfer 2 ('Lite'[sic] and 'R') and since the adds where conspicuous in their lack of real specs, I thought I'd check out the website. Wow, have a look at their FAQ. They try to state how the device is far superior to PDAs and SmartPhones, only they appear to be comparing it which those devices of about 5 years ago! There's so much wrong on their FAQ that I don't really know where to begin pulling it apart, only to highlight to part where they sate "Will Wireless-Broadband-Access negate the need for PocketSurfer2 Solution? PocketSurfer2 Technology becomes more valuable with the introduction of next generation higher-bandwidth networks because it will still offer faster Web-access over alternative solutions, and at a lower cost of usage. " - WTF? Oh and then there's my favoutite bit, "What OS (Operating System) does the PocketSurfer2 use? The Web is the OS for the PocketSurfer2." B) I wonder what version of 'The Web' they're running and if I could hack my Kaiser to get it on there too. B) No wonder the PocketSurfer 2 doesn't need (or have!) 3G data when it has The Web pre-installed. Wow, just imaging the size of the daily automatic updates though! B) Richard.
  3. Do you get Video? If so what are you using to play it?
  4. Is that the HTC Streaming Media player? If so, what version do you have (from Menu->About in the player)? I have Version 2.10. You can tell Opera what player to use by editing the [File Types] section of the Application Data\Opera 9.5\opera.ini file (there is no edir for [File Types] from opera:config so you have to edit the file manually, do it when opera is not running since opera will save it's settings from memory to this file on exit and your manual changes will be overwritten). On that note could someone who has this working let us know how their [File Types] section is set up? EDIT: Having just checked mine I realise that I still had it them set to TCPMP. Changed to \Windows\StreamingPlayer.exe and now it's doing something! Connected via HSDPA I get "Please switch to WiFi to play this programme." displayed over the programme image. Connected via WiFi, StreamingPlayer launches and I get audio but no picture. The location in Properties is \Application Data\Opera 9.5\tmpdownload\iplayer_streaming_n95_wifi.sdp and the display shows ProgramName.3gp (e.g. HorizonDoYouKnowWhatTimeItIsPart.3gp). So does iPlayer think I'm using a Nokia n95???
  5. What player are you guys using to actually play the streams? By default my Kaiser trys WMP (which fails) so I tried TCPMP but that doesn't seem to work either.
  6. From the specs for the Touch Diamond on the HTC website (http://www.htc.com/www/product.aspx?id=46286): Up to 384 kbps up-link and 7.2 Mbps down-link speeds Doesn't read like HSUPA. However the Touch Pro specs (http://www.htc.com/www/product.aspx?id=49524): Up to 2 Mbps up-link and 7.2 Mbps down-link speeds. So maybe you'll need a Touch Pro to get the fast upload speeds.
  7. Maybe it is indeed a "you can do it or you can't" thing. Like moving around in such a way as to NOT cause the two halves of the phone in your pocket to be somehow propelled at least 5mm in opposite directions against the force of the built-in spring - several times a minute! :D In all seriousness though, maybe there really is an issue with the springs on some units. I tried holding the main body of the phone (not touching the sliding screen part) and shaking it to see how much it would take to cause the screen to slide enough to bring the device out of standby. It takes quite a shake, and not one that I can see being replicated in my pocket many times a day, let alone several times a minute. Perhaps certain units have much weaker springs. Perhaps also certain units have power buttons that protrude more. The button on my unit is practically 'invisible' from a tactile perspective. BTW have you tried finding the power button while blindfolded and hanging from the ceiling??? :(
  8. Oh I see... ...so on the Vario III that would be the RECTANGULAR button that is perfectly flush with the edge of the device by design so that presumably it doesn't get pushed too often while the device is in your pocket and thus waste the battery, but as a side effect becomes very difficult to find in the dark and could only be described as being located in a position where your "thumb naturally falls onto" if one where to hold the phone in a very odd way or if they had very small hands. :D
  9. BTW thanks for this tip. I too struggle to find the power button on this thing. @Webreaper: What version of the Kaiser to you have that has this "little square about 1/4 of the way down the right-hand edge of the device" that your "thumb naturally falls onto"? My T-Mobile Vario III has no such feature.
  10. Just tried this on a colleagues Vario II. Compared to the unofficial WM6 ROM that I've been using on my Vario II, I'm not impressed. Pugly T-Mobile customizations compared to the WM6 defaults (particularly the dial skin!) Still using Clearvue PDF reader as opposed to Adobe Reader LE! OMG! :( What's with all the silly little icons at the bottom of the Today screen that can only be clicked with a very careful tap of the stylus? All these things can be accessed much easier using hardware buttons or just from the start menu. Not worth the effort.
  11. Installed the standard windows xp fax service. Tried to send a fax and whenever it tries I get an instant 'Fax failed to send' error. Looks like it don't work then. Sorry.
  12. Hmm... ...just did a test with Hyperterminal to dial my land line from the Vario II's 'HTC USB Modem'. It rang! I'll try and send a fax next. As far as I know not all modems were/are fax compatible.
  13. I guess my avatar says it all (D'Oh!). I download the Zphone Dialpad Skin Pack (greedy eyes saw lots of skins in one download, mmmm skins) without seeing that they're not for 3G devices. :D Sorry for being a timewasting fool. :D
  14. Just tried the Carbon Black on my Vario II. The back button is overlayed onto the Speed Dial button although if you tap just above the speed dial button where the back button should be, it does delete the last key pressed. Also, the original pink T-Mobile Video call button is still there over the sexy new button. Finally, the talk button has no phone icon like in your picture. Just the word 'Talk'. What am I missing?
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